Kishida and G7 money-go-round: Tokyo warned of power shortages and debt

Kishida and G7 money-go-round: Tokyo warned of power shortages and debt

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The G7 leaders will once more enjoy high luxury and the splendor of fancy planes (apart from the host nation). In reality, Japan is blighted with the highest ratio of debt in the world – to America, with the largest accumulative debt and 107,000 overdose deaths per year – and with a host of other ills. However, G7 nations will still come up with more woeful ways to abuse taxes while claiming to be saving the world.

Fumio Kishida, the Prime Minister of Japan, who is anti-Russia to an extreme and anti-China, will once more play the anti-President Vladimir Putin card. He will use the usual mantra – while negative endless wars by America and the United Kingdom (directly or funding proxies) are brushed under the Japanese pro-America revisionist carpet.

Meanwhile, “on planet Japan,” Kishida can’t even increase defense spending in one go to 2 percent because of the mountain of debt.

Equally embarrassing, while the currency of Russia is strengthening, the Japanese yen is in sharp decline against the dollar despite G7 and European Union sanctions being put on the Russian Federation. Also, to top it off, people in Tokyo are being told to decrease using energy because of possible power shortages.

The BBC reports, “Japan’s government has urged people in Tokyo and its surrounding area to use less electricity on Monday, as it warned that supplies will be strained as the country faces a heatwave.”

NHK reports, “The government estimates that the reserve capacity will fall below 5 percent in the Greater Tokyo area on Monday. The rate will likely drop further to under 4 percent before 5 p.m.”

Despite this, Kishida enjoys his international anti-Russia and anti-China bashing venues where he utilizes the taxes of Japan to give away on usual grand schemes. At home, two decades of static wages for the majority of people. At the same time, consumption tax increased to 10 percent despite static wages – along with natural streamlining that hides the extent of the economic malaise (increasing reliance on temporary workers with limited rights and perks have been reduced – for example, bonuses for many have declined while temporary workers miss out). However, despite all these ills – and others, including the low birth rate – nationalist Kishida wants to double the military budget of Japan.

The talking shop that sows death in Ukraine and is putting huge pressure on poorer nations because of the price of energy, foodstuffs, and so forth: will enjoy their anti-Russia rhetoric.

However, many people in G7 nations are feeling the effects of higher prices – along with the business world experiencing more bottlenecks on the backs of inept politicians – while respective G7 leaders create more economic cogs in the machinery and internal poverty – sanctions, sanctions, sanctions!

Modern Tokyo Times recently reported, “Kishida, the most fervent anti-Russia leader of Japan in recent history, is endlessly following the coattails of President Joe Biden of America and other world leaders, including Boris Johnson (tainted leader) of the United Kingdom. However, nations from India to Saudi Arabia – from Brazil to Mexico – and from Sudan to South Africa – have no interest in the anti-Russian Federation mantra of G-7 and European Union nations.”

Yes, Kishida will give vast sums away – meanwhile, on planet Japan under the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, people in Tokyo and the surrounding regions are being told to reduce using energy.


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