Xi and Kishida: China and Japan routine meeting

Xi and Kishida: China and Japan routine meeting

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

President Xi Jinping of China met Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit taking place in Thailand. The meeting was very routine – with Xi guiding Kishida into a future meeting between the foreign ministers of both nations.

Xi recently met the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President Joe Biden of America in two different settings. Scholz was more forthright with Xi but in a respectful way. Xi listened and countered diplomatically before both nations agreed to strengthen economic relations.

Biden’s meeting with Xi was more uplifting despite the seriousness of the talks and the ongoing differences between both nations. However, the meeting between Xi and Kishida followed a similar approach to Scholz – more businesslike and routine.

Kishida said, “Currently, Japan-China relations are facing many challenges and pending issues as well as various possibilities for cooperation.”

He continued, “Both Japan and China are major powers with important responsibilities for the peace and prosperity of the region and the international community.”

Xi, firmly stated, “China and Japan are both important countries in Asia and the world, and have many common interests and room for cooperation. The importance of Sino-Japanese relations has not changed and will not change.”

The South China Morning Post reports, “Japan’s wartime history, as well as their territorial dispute in the East China Sea, have long been a source of friction while growing geopolitical rivalry in the region between the US and China has deepened distrust.”

Xi also said, “The world is currently entering a new period of turmoil and change.”

Kishida told reporters after the summit, “I conveyed my grave concerns about the situation in the East China Sea, including the Senkaku Islands, as well as China’s military presence such as their launching of missiles.” 

Recent meetings with leading G7 nations and regional countries by China were deemed a counterbalance to the recent rhetoric of America and Japan aimed at Xi. Hence, China will be the most satisfied with recent developments.

Xi pointedly said, “China does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, nor does it accept anyone interfering in China’s internal affairs under any pretext.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “China knows that if America changes course, then Japan will follow. Overall, the meeting between Xi and Kishida was routine but beneficial.”

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