Kishida visits Ukraine: Bodes ill for Northeast Asia (Russia)

Kishida visits Ukraine: Bodes ill for Northeast Asia (Russia)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Real wages in Japan have declined by 4.1% in the last 12 months under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Not content – and despite Japan being blighted by the highest ratio of debt of any developed nation in the world – Kishida continues to provide economic assistance to Ukraine.

Under the leadership of Shinzo Abe (brutally assassinated because of inadequate security), he sought positive relations with the Russian Federation. Accordingly, when Crimea reverted to the Russian Federation (the Soviet Union gave Crimea to Ukraine despite the Russian dynamics of this region), Abe understood the historical context and maintained positive relations with President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation.

However, Kishida never fails to lambast the Northeast Asian nations of China and the Russian Federation. Hence, when President Biden of America enacted the highest defense budget in history ($858 billion): Kishida followed suit – and increased the military budget to a record unseen since Japanese militarism during the wartime period.

NHK reports, “Kishida is expected to tell Zelenskyy that as this year’s chair of the Group of Seven, Japan will seek international unity to impose tough sanctions on Russia.”

Japan will provide $1.5 billion in economic support to Ukrainian evacuees – not to Russians who have fled or Ukrainians who have relocated to the Russian Federation.

Naturally, when Kishida met the leader of Iran (all smiles) and Indonesia (West Papua – 500,000 killed since Indonesia occupied this land that traditionally is nothing to do with the Javanese) – or when he met the leader of Turkey (occupies North Cyprus, Northern Syria, and bombs the Kurds and Yazidis in Iraq) and other leaders with ethnic and religious issues then “silence” follows.

Kishida is playing the anti-China and anti-Russian Federation card – similar to the Meiji Period (1868-1912) – while members of the ruling party continue to visit Yasukuni Shrine and focus on historical revisionism.

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Japan has squandered three economic decades where vast numbers have got poorer. Yet, despite the highest ratio of debt in the world and belonging to Northeast Asia, Kishida is inviting endless non-Asian powers to involve themselves in this region.

Japan needs to foster cordial relations with China (the main trading partner – and nation that blessed Japan culturally over countless centuries) and the Russian Federation.

Instead, Kishida is in league with Biden and the Democratic Party war machine that seeks a military arms race in Northeast Asia.

This bodes ill for ordinary Japanese people and Northeast Asia.

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