Major protests in Colombia is following a similar regional anti-government theme

Major protests in Colombia is following a similar regional anti-government theme

Kanako Itamae and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

It appears that Colombia is following a similar anti-government theme that is affecting many regional nations. Thus, nations including Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela have witnessed major anti-government protests. Therefore, it matters not if the government is left-wing or right-wing because anti-government protests are happening based on enormous discontent.

Hence, with protests taking place throughout parts of Colombia, then this is the latest regional nation to be hit. Of course, each nation will have different factors behind mass demonstrations and the result will be different. However, political convulsions appear to be creating knock-on effects.

The BBC reports, More than 200,000 people took to the streets across the country, authorities said, in one of the largest mass protests in Colombia in years. The organizers of the protests, the National Strike Committee, said people had demonstrated in 500 towns and cities, and requested a meeting with President Duque.”

Reuters stipulates, “Other groups of marchers protested what they say is a lack of government action to prevent the murder of hundreds of human rights activists, corruption at universities and other issues.” 

In fairness, President Iván Duque does appear to be responding quickly to events. Thus, rather than taking a confrontational approach, he is issuing a compromise.

He uttered, “Today, Colombians spoke. We hear them. Social dialogue has been a main principle of this government and we need to deepen it with all sectors of society and speed up the social agenda and the fight against corruption.” 

Current discontent against the government of Colombia is multiple. For example, people fear the consequences of state companies being privatized, possible minimum wage changes, pension reforms, areas related to tax, and other important issues. In other words, austerity concerns have triggered protests in Colombia.

It is hoped that the government of Colombia will respond to the groundswell of discontent by listening to a broad array of voices. Likewise, the National Strike Committee needs to respond positively to the government of Duque providing he takes action. Therefore, it is hoped that all sides will reach a compromise to alleviate the situation.



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