Mali and France: Radio France and France 24 suspended but no EU moral ground

Mali and France: Radio France and France 24 suspended but no EU moral ground

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Mali is increasingly worried about the intrigues of France into the internal affairs of this nation. Thus, following on from France declaring the pull out of its armed forces – along with allies – Mali is now imposing a temporary suspension on Radio France Internationale and France 24.

According to authorities in Mali, the government of President Emmanuel Macron is seeking to destabilize the government of Mali. Hence, reports of alleged violence by the armed forces of Mali are deemed to be inappropriate and misleading.

Sahel director at Human Rights Watch, Corinne Dufka, said, “We are concerned that it will lead to self-censorship within the Malian press, as well as a dampening of the national human rights community to fulfill their important mandate of investigating abuses by all sides.”

However, for Mali, the delicate political and military situation in seeking to shore up the nation is the sole priority. Hence, given the delicate situation in Mali, the government is focused on national unity in the heartlands of this nation. This will be followed by complex dealings with the Islamist insurgency that is weakening the nation-state of Mali.

The European Union (EU) – including France – suspended Russian Federation media outlets. Thus the democratic media angle can’t be manipulated by the EU. Approximately 33 percent of the population listens to Radio France Internationale and France 24 agencies in Mali. Therefore, if Mali deems that anti-government propaganda is being uttered – and in the knowledge of the EU closing down Russian Federation agencies with minor influence within this bloc – then Mali is playing by the same rules.

Modern Tokyo Times – in a past article – reported, “In recent times, coups and political differences have emerged in Burkina Faso, Chad, Guinea-Bissau, and Mali. Also, since the intervention of America under Barack Obama – along with allies including France and the United Kingdom – the nation of Libya remains fractured and a bane for central forces in the Sahel because of the terrorist linkages of this failed state. Therefore, despite the initial successes of France and allies against Islamist forces in the environs of the Sahel, various Islamist forces have regrouped and are threatening the integrity of several nations – including Burkina Faso, Libya (North Africa), and Mali.”

Overall, the government of Mali needs regional and international support based on the needs of the people of this nation. After all, Libya was destabilized by NATO powers (America, France, the United Kingdom, and other allies) which didn’t seek the consent of Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, and other regional nations. Therefore, it is time for France to stop lashing out at Mali during this difficult period and note the needs of this country.

France – nor the EU – can play the “open media card” because of suspensions imposed on media outlets from the Russian Federation. After all, one only needs to check major Western and Japanese media outlets to note the overwhelming anti-Russian Federation card backed by daily propaganda.


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