Many Turkish soldiers killed in Syria: Turkey is exacerbating the crisis

Many Turkish soldiers killed in Syria: Turkey is exacerbating the crisis 

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

According to reports at least 33 Turkish soldiers have been killed in Syria. This is following on from recent tensions between both nations based on Turkey supporting various Takfiri Islamist groups. At the same time, the Russian Federation is increasingly becoming disillusioned by the actions of Turkey.

The central government of Syria never invited the armed forces of Turkey to enter. Thus, just like the armed forces of Turkey are occupying Northern Cyprus, the same nation covets control over Northern Syria. This is equally aimed at the Syrian government and the Kurds alike even if the factors are different.

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria seeks to end the conflict by pressing on into Idlib because this area is a hotbed of various terrorist groups. Therefore, if Syria can regain full control over Idlib then it will be an essential piece of the jigsaw in ending the conflict.

Hence, the Russian Federation is increasingly becoming irritated by the actions of Turkey. After all, with events in recent years being firmly in the favor of Syria, then why is Turkey being allowed to exacerbate the crisis?

The BBC reports, This is a new and dangerous escalation in an increasingly direct conflict between Turkish and Syrian government forces in Idlib. Both sides have suffered losses over the past few weeks. But the latest Turkish casualties come at a precarious moment.”

However, it remains unclear if the armed forces of Turkey were killed by Syria or the Russian Federation based on conflicting reports. For example, despite initial reports stressing Turkey blaming the armed forces of Syria some doubt remains.

The Guardian reports, “Turkish officials have blamed the Syrian regime for the attack, but several sources in Idlib and unverified footage of the nighttime strike suggested it had been carried out by the Russian air force, which has helped Damascus conduct a ferocious three-month-old offensive on Idlib.”

Irrespective of who killed the armed forces of Turkey, it should be noted that Turkey, and not Syria, is involved directly in other conflicts. Equally important, Turkey continues to occupy the land of Northern Cyprus. On top of this, President Erdogan of Turkey recently sent the armed forces into Libya against the wishes of the majority of Arabic speaking nations. At the same time, Turkey is utilizing several Takfiri terrorist groups and mercenaries, including members of ISIS (Islamic State – IS), against the Kurds in Northern Syria. Also, from time to time the armed forces of Turkey launch attacks against the Kurds in Northern Iraq.

The government of Syria doesn’t seek a confrontation with any outside nation. On the contrary, political elites in Damascus just seek an end to the conflict and to sit down with all responsible parties in solving the crisis.

However, the government of Turkey is expanding its action in Syria – just like in Libya. Therefore, given the track record of Turkey in continuing to occupy Northern Cyprus and supporting various terrorist groups in Syria; then the central government of Syria wants Turkey to leave.

Overall, the Russian Federation and Turkey need to iron out their respective differences to contain the crisis. Also, Turkey needs to respect the sovereignty of Syria and to rethink the expansionist policies of the Erdogan government.



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