Migrant Crisis in Italy via Libya: NGOs, Smugglers, and Arab Slavery of Black Africans

Migrant Crisis in Italy via Libya: NGOs, Smugglers, and Arab Slavery of Black Africans

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Carmelo Zuccaro, an Italian prosecutor, claims to have major evidence that several charities are involved with smugglers that are making vast wealth on the misery of vulnerable people. Indeed, if proven, these charities have blood on their hands and are encouraging slavery by stealth in Libya – even if this isn’t intended. Therefore, it is time to hold to account an endless chain involving the mass media that is encouraging mass migration, charities involved in helping smugglers get rich, and the politically correct agenda of certain politicians, that collectively seek to alter the dynamics of Europe based on the manipulation of facts on the ground.

La Stampa was told by Zuccaro that rescue vessels are being notified from the smuggling paradise of Libya, in order to collect economic migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. The modus operandi of a direct chain between smugglers and charities is based on phone calls. Of course, this entails that economic migrants must pay a heavy financial incentive for smugglers to involve themselves. Hence, for others who can’t afford then issues revolving around Arab slavery of black Africans – and persecution of Christian migrants – is a reality in modern day Libya.

It should be mentioned the slavery remains embedded within Mauritania where black African Muslims have suffered systematic abuse by other Muslims from this nation. Similarly, Saudi Arabia still tolerated slavery in the early post-World War Two period and was basically shamed into eradicating this endless reality, that is part and parcel of the Arabian Peninsula in a historical sense. Indeed, black African Animists and Christians faced a similar reality when Arab militias – allied to the Khartoum government – tolerated slavery based on crushing anti-government forces during the civil war.

Of course, ISIS (Islamic State – IS) is also known for enslaving Christians and Yazidis and selling them in Iraq. In the case of Yazidis, then not being “people of the book,” they face slavery, sexual slavery of Yazidi females, being forced to convert to Islam, and being cleansed from their homeland. Yet, just like Libya, then slavery soon emerges based on the traditions of past history and direct racism aimed at black Africans.

Recently, the BBC reported, Women, too, were bought by private Libyan clients and brought to homes where they were forced to be sex slaves, the witness said.”

The BBC further says, In February, the UN children’s agency Unicef released a report documenting – in sometimes horrific detail – stories of slavery, violence and sexual abuse experienced by large numbers of vulnerable children traveling from Libya to Italy.”

Arab Muslim slavery of black Africans is well over a thousand years old and recent realities in Libya, Mauritania, and Sudan, show that mindsets are slow to change. Of course, for the politically correct and trendy lefties then no mass demonstrations against Arab slavery in Libya – yet, one can only imagine the outcry if this was happening in markets in America, France, or Israel to such an open level.

Reuters also reported in 2016 about the Muslim nation of Mauritania by stating, The Haratin, who make up the main “slave caste”, are descended from black African ethnic groups along the Senegal river. They often work as cattle herders and domestic servants… The West African country has the highest prevalence of slavery, according to the Global Slavery Index, which estimates that 4 percent of the population – or some 150,000 people – are living as slaves.”

Turning back to contacts between charities and smugglers in Libya. Zuccaro said,“We have evidence that there are direct contacts between certain NGOs [non-governmental organizations] and people traffickers in Libya.”

The border agency of the European Union, Frontex, is equally disturbed by the role of charities that are encouraging mass migration. This, in turn, is resulting in countless deaths at sea and slavery in Libya. After all, modern day Libya is a failed state based on the meddling of Gulf and NATO powers. Therefore, past history of smuggling and slavery by Arabs against black Africans was bound to fill the vacuum – and the same applies to the growing menace of various Sunni Islamist Takfiri groups and regional militia groups in Libya.

Fabrice Leggeri, a leading figure of Frontex, notified the German media group Die Welt about the role of charities. He indicated strongly that rescue boats by several charities were emboldening traffickers to force even more migrants on to unseaworthy boats with insufficient water and fuel than in previous years.”

Astonishing statements by Chancellor Merkel in Germany, the role of the mass media, charities, and other areas in the politically correct chain, have all emboldened mass migration to Europe from several directions. The result is untold numbers of deaths at sea, the betrayal of real refugees, slavery in Libya, terrorist convulsions in Europe, criminality, and making smugglers extremely rich. Therefore, direct action is needed to stop this reality because vulnerable individuals are suffering from the actions of charities and smugglers alike – even if both forces seek a different outcome.




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