Mozambique and useful humanitarians in the shadow of Islamists

Mozambique and useful humanitarians in the shadow of Islamists

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sunni Islamists are involved in various conflicts in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and in other parts of the world including the Caucasus. Similarly, religious terrorist attacks in Europe belong to the same Takfiri mindset.

However, despite being involved in beheading, enslaving, and killing different religious communities (including minority Muslim sects and Sunnis opposed to them); the same humanitarian propaganda shadow will follow in the path of death.

Mozambique is now witnessing the Islamist propaganda war based on humanitarians that emanate from the usual sources. Amnesty International obtained videos allegedly showing the Mozambique army killing Islamists and possibly civilians.

Yet Islamists in Mozambique are extremely clandestine. So who handed these videos over – and why?

The government of Mozambique claims the videos are misleading and have propaganda purposes. Irrespective of the truth, the humanitarian shadow is like a propaganda machine for Islamists to encourage more jihad and massacres.

The BBC reports, Mozambique’s Defence Minister Jaime Neto has said that a video showing people dressed in army uniforms beating and killing a naked woman was doctored.”

Yet just like in other conflicts, Sunni Islamists are attacking innocents, beheading people, causing fear, enslaving, killing captured soldiers brutally, and forcing vast numbers of people to flee. In this mayhem and butchering – be it Boko Haram slaughtering in Nigeria or Islamists killing women in hospitals in Afghanistan and targetting the Shia – the upshot is counter-violence.

Morality and war never go hand-in-hand. Equally, when the adversary is so brutal then this will trigger counter massacres. Indeed, Islamists thrive on sowing the seeds of hatred and indoctrinating another generation.

Hence, humanitarians are useful tools in the propaganda war. Also, as usual, they obtain more publicity when it is national governments seeking to quell the crisis.

South Africa and Tanzania are very worried about events in Northern Mozambique. This is based on the failure of the armed forces of Nigeria to defeat terrorist forces. The upshot being the spread of terrorism and massacres to the neighboring countries of Cameroon, Chad, and Niger.

Mozambique does need to review all misdeeds internally. After all, the armed forces need to win the hearts and minds of people in Northern Mozambique. Equally, the armed forces need the trust of local people to combat the Islamist insurgency.

However, the humanitarian propaganda shadow only serves the forces of hate. Therefore, if genuine concerns apply, this should be dealt with behind closed doors – or in a more diplomatic way.


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