Mozambique beheadings by Islamists: Catholic nun killed

Mozambique beheadings by Islamists: Catholic nun killed

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sunni Islamist terrorists have beheaded six civilians in recent days in Mozambique. They also set fire to a Catholic church and brutally murdered an 84-year-old nun.

Sister Maria De Coppi served the people of Mozambique since 1963. However, to Islamists, she was a lamb to the slaughter in their quest to introduce Sharia Islamic law and to spread their Gulf version of darkness.

Vatican News says, “A group of attackers entered the compound and the nuns’ living quarters, killing Sr. De Coppi and setting fire to the mission structures, including the parish, the dormitory, and the new computer room.”

Reuters reports, “Islamic State claimed responsibility for the killing of four Christians including an Italian nun during a raid on a village in the Nampula province on Tuesday, the militant group said on an affiliated Telegram channel on Wednesday.”

The director of the pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need, Alessandro Monteduro, said, “A new generation of internally displaced persons is being created, now well over 800,000, and evidently the government is unable to control the activities of Islamist criminals and terrorists. More must be done by both civil authorities and religious leaders to curb the rise of terrorist attacks against Christian groups and isolate radicalization with greater determination.”

Regional nations from the Southern African Development Community bloc (SADC) and the armed forces of Rwanda initially stemmed the tide. However, similar to events in Nigeria and Somalia – and other countries including Burkina Faso and Mali – Sunni Islamist terrorist groups remain determined to spread respective conflicts and install terror.

Voice of America reports, “Mozambique’s president said Islamist militants in the country’s northern Nampula province have killed six people, all by beheading, and abducted three others. The Islamist militant movement in northern Mozambique is spreading to new territory despite efforts by government and regional forces to contain it.”

Islamist attacks in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Niassa, and Nampula install daily fear.

The European Union and G7 nations are obsessed with the crisis in Ukraine and the indigenous Russian-dominated areas (ethnic Russians, pro-Russian non-ethnic groups, and cultural affinity). Yet countless wars persist in Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia (Tigray and other regions), Syria, Northern Mozambique, Northern Nigeria, West Papuans crushed by Indonesia, and a plethora of other conflicts are being neglected including Yemen compared with Ukraine.

Catholic missionaries and charities in Northern Mozambique are especially hated by Islamists – because they seek to bring hope to the embattled Muslims and Christians of this part of the country.


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