New York City Mayor (Democratic Party): No room for migrants in New York

New York City Mayor (Democratic Party): No room for migrants in New York

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

The Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, visited the border with Mexico. His visit to El Paso, Texas, will hit a chord with many ordinary Americans – irrespective of their political persuasion.

Adams belongs to the Democratic Party. Hence, his words have more potency because it is easy for Democratic Party voters – and the politically correct media – to rubbish the same comments if made by a Republican Party leader.

During his visit to El Paso, Adams said, “No city deserves what is happening. This is a beautiful city… and what happened over the last few months undermines this city.”

Adams continued, “We don’t deserve this, migrants don’t deserve this, and the people who live in this city don’t deserve this.”

The Guardian reports, “Adams blamed a lack of coordination from the federal government and said he will be raising the issue in the United States Conference of Mayors, which starts on Tuesday.”

Adams, in a rebuke of the administration of President Joe Biden, said, “Now is the time for the national government to do its job.” 

Lee Jay Walker says, “Adams understands that many cities and towns face financial constraints. At the same time, some cities are blighted by increasing homelessness, a growing overdose crisis, a lack of affordable housing, homeless shelters that are already ignored because of violence and the limited facilities available, high crime – and other negatives. Therefore, Adams isn’t against regulated immigration where people can be placed: he is opposed to the chaotic nature of events along the border and the failure of the system under Biden.”

Reuters reports, “Busloads of migrants have been shipped north to New York and other cities by Republican-run states. That has exacerbated a housing crisis in New York and a worsening homeless crisis in the city.”

Adams said, “There is no room in New York.”

Adams continued,  “[I]t’s just unfair for places like El Paso, Washington, New York, Chicago, these cities should not be handling a national problem. Our national government must deal with the border issue, and we must receive the resources.” 

The administration of Biden is sending tens of billions in military arms to Ukraine – to fuel another war involving America. Hence, his administration should focus on internal problems rather than sowing more death in distant lands.

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