OIC and Western powers are inciting against Myanmar in order to distract their evil crimes against Yemen

OIC and Western powers are inciting against Myanmar in order to distract their evil crimes against Yemen

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Western powers are seeking to cover-up countless mass hypocrisies by seeking to spread propaganda against Myanmar. Thereby both forces seek to cover-up the reality of Libya, Syria, Yemen, the treatment of religious minorities, and the endless persecution of the Kurds by friends and foe alike. Hence, while the Saudi Arabia-led coalition is responsible for 1 million people in Yemen being blighted by cholera and over 1.8 million children suffering from malnutrition (total much higher when applies to the entire population), the same nations and allies within the OIC keep on pointing the finger at Myanmar. In other words, the OIC and Western powers are shamelessly glossing over Yemen and countless other realities – and then the hypocrites ply the “Muslim card” or the “humanitarian card” when it comes to Western powers. However, in truth, Western powers supply the military arms and logistics to Sunni Muslim nations involved in killing vast numbers of civilians in Yemen – just like Gulf and NATO powers colluded against Syria by tolerating countless different Sunni Islamist Takfiri forces who behead and butcher for fun.

Of course, the OIC and leading Western powers aren’t asking the United Nations (UN) to condemn Saudi Arabia, Sunni Muslim allies, and America, France, and the United Kingdom for destroying the infrastructure of Yemen in replication of the evil deeds done against Libya and Syria. Hence, no Western and Islamic media circus asking for the leaders of these nations to face war crime tribunals and nor are these nations being dragged through the mud. This is despite the repercussions of the Saudi Arabia-led Sunni Muslim alliance against Yemen leading to mass cholera and child malnutrition that blights over 3 million people when applied to the entire population. Yet, true to the hypocrisy of the OIC and Western powers, it is abundantly clear that these Muslims don’t count just like Alawites, Christians, the Shia, and Yazidis are expendable in Iraq and Syria based on geopolitical and power concentration intrigues against both nations.

The BBC reported last year, “Malnourished children are also at increased risk of dying from infectious diseases. In Yemen, some 1.8 million children are acutely malnourished, including 400,000 under the age of five with severe acute malnutrition.”

Similarly, the 30 to 35 million Kurds, the vast majority being Muslim, have suffered endless persecution in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey respectively. Once more, the OIC is silent when Kurdish villages and towns are attacked by regional Muslim powers. Similarly, the destruction of untold numbers of Kurdish villages and towns over many decades by NATO Turkey didn’t bring Western pressure and condemnation apart from “hollow words.” Instead, NATO powers kept on supplying more military arms to Turkey on the deaths of countless numbers of Kurds and the destruction of so many Kurdish areas. Indeed, when the beheading Sunni Islamists of ISIS (Islamic State – IS) were attacking Kurdish areas in Northern Syria, it became clear that Turkey and several Gulf nations were supporting the ISIS onslaught. Also, as usual, nations like the United Kingdom became sheepish. Equally, ISIS and other Sunni Islamist forces were intent on butchering the Alawites in Syria based on the intrigues of several Sunni Muslim dominated nations. Hence, the OIC never raised the issue of mass barbarity in Iraq and Syria because it was being sanctioned by stealth by major regional Sunni Muslim powers.

It seems that the genocidal tendencies of ISIS (Islamic State – IS) towards the Yazidis and the tens of millions of Kurds without a nation-state don’t count in the “Arab Street” and “Muslim street.” In other words, the enslavement of Yazidi women in Iraq and evil deeds being done against black Africans in Libya doesn’t reach the same Arab and Muslim consciousness. Of course, the same applies to the “fake left” in Europe that ignores major abuses towards religious and ethnic minorities throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Therefore, when black Africans were being imprisoned and enslaved in barbaric conditions in Libya by various Arab militias, the compliant media barely raised a question against the former leader of America (Barack Obama) who laid the foundation for a fresh wave of slavery in Libya along with the usual Western and Islamic culprits.

In other words, the nation of Myanmar is a useful tool for Sunni Muslim nations, Sunni Islamic terrorist groups to spread mass propaganda, and for leading Western powers to distract from their collective evil roles against Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Thereby, glossing over their respective barbarity towards Syria and Yemen today – while also playing the victim card. Indeed, the OIC is so biased against non-Muslims and minority non-Sunni Muslim sects that it is galling that this organization is tolerated within the UN. Hence, it is high time that mainly Buddhist, Hindu, and other non-Abrahamic dominated nations in Asia, work together in order to curtail the power of the OIC.

Shamelessly, in relation to Bengali Muslim migration in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (Bangladesh) and Rakhine (Myanmar), at no point is the OIC and leading Western powers concerned about the survival of indigenous Buddhist and Hindu groups. Of course, this isn’t surprising because in history past Islamic invasions have devastated vast parts of Asia based on war, slavery, forced conversion, jizya, and erasing indigenous faiths. This was followed by Western imperialism and brutal wars. Therefore, the same evil twin forces of Islamic and Western expansionism in vast parts of Asia are once more working together against Myanmar based on new intrigues.

It should be noted that the vociferous anti-Myanmar nature of nations including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey is ironic, to say the least. This not only applies to the atrocious deeds of the Saudi Arabia-led alliance against Yemen but also the treatment of non-Sunni Muslim sects. In other words, the Shia suffer enormously in Saudi Arabia and of course, other sects like the Ahmadiyya and Alevis are not tolerated in this nation. Similarly, in Malaysia, this nation persecutes the Shia. Likewise, in Turkey, the mainly Sunni Muslim Kurds are persecuted and the Alevis suffer enormous discrimination. Hence, the bastions of the “Muslim card” are ironically persecuting other Muslim sects – highlighting the utter hypocrisy of these nations and the OIC in general.

Overall, the nation of Myanmar faces many internal problems related to various ethnic groups. At the same time, the serious issue of endless Bengali Muslim migration in Rakhine is upsetting the balance with various indigenous communities fearing Islamization. Despite this, the nation of Myanmar is on the path to democracy and reaching peace agreements with various ethnic groups. Therefore, the nation of Myanmar needs support against endless propaganda being plied by OIC and Western nations – and for Bengali Muslims without proper documentation to return to Bangladesh.

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