Opposition Leaders Seized in Venezuela based on the Diktats of Maduro

Opposition Leaders Seized in Venezuela based on the Diktats of Maduro

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nation of Venezuela under President Nicolas Maduro is in turmoil based on his authoritarian tendencies, caring little about the suffering of ordinary nationals, squandering natural resources, and other negative factors. Hence, the seizing of two leading opposition figures is merely adding more fuel to the fire. Therefore, it goes without saying that more people will die – and this applies to people demonstrating and based on an infrastructure that can’t provide an adequate health care system.

Antonio Ledezma and Leopoldo Lopez were already under heavy surveillance based on being under house arrest. Yet, for Maduro, this wasn’t good enough. Therefore, agents of the state seized Ledezma and Lopez and took them to the prison of Ramo Verde.

Reuters reports, “The men are both former mayors in Caracas and high-profile critics of Maduro. Lopez in particular has become the international face of Venezuela’s opposition, which is calling for early elections to replace Maduro amid a brutal economic crisis that has food and medicines running short.”

Maduro, seeking to overrule all forces of opposition via an all-powerful Constituent Assembly, is determined to hold onto power at all costs. The new political assembly -installed by the political mechanisms of authoritarianism – will supersede all other political institutions in Venezuela. In other words, the constitution of Venezuela is at the beckon call of the new political assembly that seeks to alter the political landscape of this nation.

The BBC reports, “…the opposition accused the president of trying to rewrite the constitution in order to maximize his power and sideline the opposition-controlled legislature.”

Ledezma and Lopez played prominent roles in 2014 that led to political tensions. However, the recent demonstrations engulfing Venezuela are on a different level. Similarly, being under house arrest, constant surveillance reduces the impact of both individuals. Despite this, the state apparatus is seeking to consolidate its base by enforcing diktats and threatening the civil liberty of individuals who speak out against the authoritarian nature of Maduro.



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