Over 500,000 deaths from Covid-19: Americas and Southeast Asia under strain

Over 500,000 deaths from Covid-19: Americas and Southeast Asia under strain

Kanako Mita and Chika Mori 

Modern Tokyo Times

The grim milestone of 500,000 deaths from coronavirus (Covid-19) was surpassed officially in the last few hours. It remains to be seen what the final death toll will be. However, the signs are ominous for many nations.

Initially, the focus was Wuhan in China because this is where deaths first occurred. Then concerns turned to other parts of China. This was followed by concerns in Japan and South Korea.

However, East Asia would escape the first wave with relatively few deaths. Especially given the population of East Asia being high. Hence, the current death toll is China 4,634, Japan 971, South Korea 282, and Taiwan 7.

Iran remains an enigma because other regional nations weren’t suffering to any degree during the same timeline. Equally, Iran reached over 100 deaths a day by the middle of March, and then it gradually came down. Yet 100 deaths per day happened again by the middle of June. Thus the death toll officially is 10,364 and growing. However, the suspicion is that the death toll is much higher because the theocratic elites fear political convulsions.

Europe after the initial focus being East Asia became the continent of death. This notably applies to the United Kingdom 43,514, Italy 34,716, France 29,778, Spain 28,341, Belgium 9,732, Germany 9,026, and the Russian Federation 8,969.

The real figure is known to be over 50,000 in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, while most nations in Europe have the crisis under control, the same doesn’t apply to the Russian Federation. Hence deaths in the Russian Federation will surpass Germany and Belgium shortly.

The next continent to suffer was North America. Yet recently the entire Americas is witnessing high numbers of death. This notably applies to America 128,152, Brazil 57,103, Mexico 26,381, Peru 9,135, Chile 5,347, Ecuador 4,424, and Colombia 2,939.

Deaths per million give a more accurate figure. Thus this figure is America 387, Ecuador 288, Chile 280, Peru 277, Brazil 269, and Mexico 205. This compares favorably with the United Kingdom at 641. However, the death toll is likely to be much higher in several nations including Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

Unlike most of Europe, the situation is ongoing throughout the Americas. Also, political and social convulsions are happening in America, Brazil, and Nicaragua while discontent exists in Chile.

The coronavirus crisis is yet to fully engulf Africa. Thus the current death toll is Egypt 2,708, South Africa 2,413, Algeria 892, Sudan 572, and Nigeria 558. Of course, events may change because the coronavirus pandemic keeps on moving to other parts of the world.

Equally, the real death toll could be much higher in parts of Africa. This relates to the infrastructure, remoteness of many areas, limited health care systems, poverty, and burying people without recorded factors. However, unlike video evidence and local officials in Ecuador (South America) admitting the death toll is much higher, the same currently doesn’t apply to Africa as a whole. Yet suspicions exist in Nigeria.

Finally, while the death toll is low in Southeast Asia, the signs are that India and Pakistan are under enormous strain. Equally, the death toll is likely to be much higher.

Hence, the official death toll of India 16,103, Pakistan 4,035, and Bangladesh 1,695 seem underestimated. Also, India and Pakistan, like the Americas, are witnessing an upturn now. Thus the strain on the health care system will continue in areas hit the hardest. Therefore, the economic angle is problematic for the poorest in society.

The Middle East is also witnessing increasing problems. This notably applies to Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Hence, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are witnessing more deaths. Hence, this bodes ill for the region.

Overall, the grim milestone of 500,000 is enormous and the real figure is likely to be over 600,000 deaths. Hence, the coronavirus that emanated in Wuhan is killing internationally at a terrible rate.

Equally important, the economic convulsions are enormous and many will die because of various angles. For example, vaccinations for other diseases are being neglected.

If a second wave does emerge then will it be more devastating than the first wave? At the moment, in truth, nobody knows if the pandemic will naturally peter out – or a genuine second wave will engulf the world.

Either way, nations must look at respective weaknesses in the worst-case scenario.


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