Poetry: The ending of life on this cold earth for Judy Doggett Walker

Poetry: The ending of life on this cold earth for Judy Doggett Walker

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Once, you gave life to me

Hence, when a child, you were my tree of life

A rock, a shining beauty, a pure heart


I felt protected in my early years

Little tears and no fear

For I, like a child, did not foresee the years ahead


Keeping strong for nearly seven decades-long

You still seemed like my protector

Yet the clock of dementia and COPD were nearing

Now I, like you, began fearing

Many days became a struggle but some joy could behold

The local park now seemed much larger despite no change


Yet the clock of this cold earth was ringing louder

Hence, the confusion began to grow and joy became so slow

In time, only death would become a solace


All memories now virtually turned into woe

Apart from the flicker of “Walter,” her devoted late father who gave light

This, and a cake or two were all that was left of this world

For the pain and anxiety of death began to approach

Now fear entered her heart despite believing in God

Hence, with each passing hour came pain, sorrow, and the choking of life


Now I feel alone with no parent left

For this cold earth took both so slowly and full of pain

Therefore, my memories are shackled and haunted


Her last moments (Judy), like my father (Eric), were torturous, to say the least

If God exists, then is this your doing to provide fear and pain?

Hence, nothing brings me solace for images of skin and bone now only remain


In memory of my mother Judy Doggett Walker who passed away from this earth on April 10, 2019

Images of Judy Doggett Walker and her son Lee Jay

Rest In Peace – Judy Doggett Walker (November 29, 1934, to April 10, 2019)