President Obama in non-Political visit to Hiroshima: Abe and Obama in Dignified Approach

President Obama in non-Political visit to Hiroshima: Abe and Obama in Dignified Approach

Kanako Itamae, Michiyo Tanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


President Barack Obama of the United States of America will pay a poignant visit to the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. Given the devastating nuclear attack that killed vast numbers of civilians, then the visit by Obama is overwhelmingly being seen in a positive light in Japan. After all, different histories not only belong to opposing nations but equally by individuals within nation states. Therefore, Obama understands the need to be diplomatic and show reverence to different viewpoints throughout America and Japan.

It is widely believed that Obama’s visit is following on from the foundations laid by John Kerry, the Secretary of State. This applies to Kerry being the most powerful politician from America to have visited Hiroshima last month. Equally important, Kerry did so based on a human and dignified approach.

According to NHK, the Japanese public broadcaster, the majority of individuals that responded to this organization welcome the future visit of Obama to Hiroshima. Indeed, the expected approach to be taken by Obama based on quiet contemplation fits in well within modern day cultural sensibilities in Japan.

Similarly, the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, views the planned visit by Obama on May 27 to be solely based on honoring the dead. In other words, just like Obama, Abe isn’t interested in pandering to any political motives. Instead, both Abe and Obama seek to honor the dead and to remember the nuclear attack in a dignified way that is outside of politics.

The New York Times says “President Obama will become the first sitting American president to visit Hiroshima, Japan, making a heavily symbolic stop this month at the site where the United States first used an atomic bomb at the end of World War II.”

Abe expressed solemnly and without alluding to the rights or wrongs of history, that “Japan is the only country to be hit by a nuclear weapon, and we have a responsibility to make sure that terrible experience is never repeated anywhere.”


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