President Xi Jinping of China to promote bilateral developments with Myanmar

President Xi Jinping of China to promote bilateral developments with Myanmar

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


President Xi Jinping of China seeks to promote bilateral developments to a higher level with Myanmar. The leader of China ushered favorable comments towards Myanmar after congratulating the new President of Myanmar, U Win Myint. Therefore, with other powerful nations in the economic, military, and political realm strengthening ties with Myanmar, it highlights the growing international bonds throughout Asia and further afield.

Late last year, Xi commented at the Communist Party of China Central Committee, “It will not only inject great vitality into China’s own development but also bring new opportunities for various countries, including Myanmar, in their cooperation with China.”

Xi also said China and Myanmar need to, “strengthen strategic communication and accommodate each other’s concerns.”

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times, it was reported, “The government of Myanmar isn’t isolated regionally and two powerful Permanent Members of the United Nations also support this nation. This applies to China and the Russian Federation who both have signed recent military agreements with Myanmar. Similarly, nations including Australia, China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and others throughout Asia are making business investments and making agreements in the area of infrastructural development with Myanmar. Therefore, the endless Western and Islamic media campaign against Myanmar is extremely alien to regional developments that are taking place in this country.”

Hence, with Japan also seeking India to play a more potent role in Myanmar, then three powerful Asian nations seek to improve relations with this strategically important nation. At the same time, economic investments from Singapore and other highly advanced nations in Asia, including South Korea, seek to build on investment and infrastructural developments.

China Daily reports, Xi stressed that China puts emphasis on the development of bilateral relations. China is willing to work together with Myanmar to consolidate their traditional friendship, deepen mutually-beneficial cooperation and promote their comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership to a higher level to bring more benefits to the two countries and the two peoples, he said.” 

In the military area, recent developments with the Russian Federation also highlight the lore of Myanmar. Sergei Shoigu, the Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, recently said, We point to a positive dynamics of the cooperation between Russia and Myanmar in the military sphere, an additional impetus to which was given by the agreement on military cooperation of 2016.”

Hence, in early 2018, it is clear that China, Japan, India, the Russian Federation, Singapore, and others, seek to develop ties with Myanmar to a different level – in relation to different spheres.

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