President Xi Jinping of China to visit the Russian Federation

President Xi Jinping of China to visit the Russian Federation

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

President Xi Jinping of China will meet President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation next week in Moscow.

According to the Russian Federation, the meeting will cement ties and lead to a “comprehensive partnership and (further) strategic cooperation.”

China and the Russian Federation will also exchange ideas about expanding Russian-Chinese cooperation in the international arena. Accordingly, the signing of bilateral documents will strengthen already positive ties.

Lee Jay Walker says, “This comes at a time when two NATO members will send military aircraft fighters to Ukraine. Notwithstanding the hypocrisy of NATO powers who have sent tens of billions in military arms to kill Russians: the same nations warn China about assisting the Russian Federation – while America openly sends more military arms to Taiwan.”

Associated Press reports, “Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to visit Russia from Monday to Wednesday, an apparent show of support for Russian President Vladimir Putin amid sharpening East-West tensions over the war in Ukraine and the latest sign of Beijing’s emboldened diplomatic ambitions.”

China recently brokered an important deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran – after internal and geopolitical tensions emerged in 2016.

The Guardian reports, “The agreement has potentially wide implications for the Iran nuclear deal and the civil war in Yemen, where the two sides are locked in a proxy war, and shows the new determination of Saudi Arabia to conduct a foreign policy independent of the west.”

Many nations in the Global South oppose the “colonial mindsets” of G7 nations and the European Union – which are putting enormous pressure on countries to follow their anti-Russian Federation policies.

The meeting of Xi and Putin comes at a time when several American banks are under severe pressure.

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