Prime Minister of Hungary says, “If one attacks Poland, it attacks all of Central Europe”

Prime Minister of Hungary says, “If one attacks Poland, it attacks all of Central Europe”

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The European Union (EU) is threatening Poland by triggering Article 7 for allegedly breaching shared European values in relation to the rule of law unless Poland backs down. Yet, like Poland, Hungary is equally dismayed by this threat. Therefore, Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary rebuked the EU for threatening to trigger Article 7 against Poland.

In the eyes of Orban, the EU is seeking to dictate certain policies over the heads of sovereign nations. This notably applies to mass immigration and an endless politically correct agenda that threatens traditional values. Hence, with the Visegrad bloc of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia fearing the diktats of France and Germany, then the weakening of Poland within the EU will boost anti-Visegrad forces.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary, Zsolt Semjen, reiterated the words of Orban because he stated that Hungary would “defend Poland.” Similarly, despite Lithuania hoping that the EU and Poland will solve all differences, this nation made it known that Lithuania will not support sanctions against Poland. However, other Visegrad nations may be divided on the issue despite supporting each other in many important areas.

Orban expressed strongly, “We need to make it clear to the EU that it is pointless to even start proceedings against Poland as there is no chance of seeing it through – because Hungary will be there and form an insurmountable roadblock.”

The independent-minded leader of Hungary further said, “If one attacks Poland, it attacks all of Central Europe.”

Deutsche Welle reports, “Article 7 was designed to deter member states from advancing policies that threaten democratic institutions. If the EU member states agree with the Commission’s recommendation to trigger Article 7, Poland could see its voting rights suspended. A two-thirds majority vote is needed for it to proceed.”

Hungary believes that Poland is being treated unfairly and that by violating the voting rights of this nation within the EU if Article 7 is triggered, then the Visegrad bloc will be diminished. In other words, the EU will manipulate the situation unjustly against fellow Visegrad nations in relation to mass immigration and other important areas. Therefore, according to the leader of Hungary, unity equates to strength and the leaders of Poland will welcome this.

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