Rinpa Art and Kamisaka Sekka

Rinpa Art and Kamisaka Sekka

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Kamisaka Sekka (1866-1942) lit up the rinpa (rinpa) art world by pushing this art form to new levels.

This concerns his atmospheric and mysterious approach during a period of international conflict. Accordingly, he went outside traditional boundaries by producing an eclectic mix of rinpa art.

The Saint Louis Art Museum says, “The artist, Kamisaka Sekka, is widely regarded as one of the last great masters of the Rinpa school and holds a unique position in the history of Japanese modern art.” 

Naturally, Sekka also created the traditional style of rinpa. However, without a doubt, his innovative art is like a dream world.

The Tokyo Fuji Art Museum says, “In 1901, he went to Europe to visit and conduct research at the Glasgow International Exhibition. He renewed his perspective on decorative art such as that of the Rimpa school, and he continued to work in many fields, including painting, arts and crafts, and design.”

Sekka is the last great master of this art movement. However, his style of rinpa art was far from the traditionalist approach of past rinpa artists.


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