Russia Lambasts the Dying Embers of the Obama Administration: CIA, Trump, and Mass Media

Russia Lambasts the Dying Embers of the Obama Administration: CIA, Trump, and Mass Media

Boutros Hussein, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin lambasted the dying embers of the Obama administration that is stuck in the Cold War. Putin, unlike President Obama, is intent on a fresh approach between America and the Russian Federation. However, Obama seeks to maintain international divisions and instability even after he leaves political office.

Similarly, the CIA and politically correct mass media are maintaining its propaganda machinery in America. Indeed, nations like the United Kingdom and major media outlets like the BBC and Channel 4 News share the same phobia towards the Russian Federation. In other words, the politically correct brigade in both nations belongs to the same bandwagon that spreads unfounded misinformation. Hence, the President-elect Donald Trump of America needs to escape the shackles of the Obama administration, the CIA, the politically correct media machinery, and negative forces within certain European governments aimed at the Russian Federation.

John Brennan, the outgoing Director of the CIA, seeks to maintain divisions between Washington and Moscow. For instance, Brennan took a biased and anti-Russian Federation approach in relation to issues related to the Ukraine and Syria. It is worth mentioning the CIA and its involvement in training Sunni Islamist Takfiris in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the 1980s – just like assisting similar forces in Bosnia against the Orthodox Christian Serbs in the 1990s – and boosting Islamist jihadists in Libya after the toppling of Gaddafi in more recent times – is still maintaining similar intrigues against the secular government of Syria by utilizing various Sunni Islamist terrorist ratlines. Therefore, issues related to national security have constantly been betrayed by the CIA and various political administrations – including the Obama administration – hence the Bosnian Muslim and international jihadist connection in relation to September 11 and Madrid in the past – and more recently the growing threat of terrorism in Europe after destabilizing Libya and Syria.

In other words, while Brennan believes it is incorrect for Trump to have doubts about the intelligence agencies of America, it is apparent that the incoming leader of America is correct to have doubts based on history. Indeed, warnings about the Boston terrorist attack equally shows internal failings because the main culprit was known prior to this event.

Recently the Obama administration is in negative overdrive towards the Russian Federation based on reports in the mass media, political statements, NATO intrigues, comments made by the CIA, and other important areas. In other words, the old guard in the intelligence community – and within both major political parties in America – seek to tie Trump to a continuous negative policy towards the Russian Federation.

Putin, in relation to recently fabricated news about Trump and the Russian Federation, said, “People who order such fakes against the U.S. president-elect, fabricate them and use them in political struggle are worse than prostitutes… They have no moral restrictions whatsoever, and it highlights a significant degree of degradation of political elites in the West, including in the United States.”

Despite everything, Putin remains optimistic that Trump will overcome all the internal obstacles that he faces. This applies to the Cold War mentality that persists within both major political parties in America and the underhanded tactics of certain individuals inside the CIA. Therefore, it is hoped that Trump and Putin will start to normalize relations in order to stem the endless intrigues of destabilizing several nations, whereby Sunni Islamists enter the vacuum.

Similarly, the endless politically correct mantra of the mass media aimed negatively towards the Russian Federation and the President-elect Trump is not only tiresome, it is eroding confidence in major media outlets. Hence, recent results from America to Brexit highlight how out of touch the politically correct mass media actually is.

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