Shia Slaughtered in Pakistan: Takfiri Islamist Kills Many in Shia Mosque Attack

Shia Slaughtered in Pakistan: Takfiri Islamist Kills Many in Shia Mosque Attack

Noriko Watanabe, Ramzan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


According to reports at least 60 Shia Muslims have been slaughtered by a Takfiri Islamist in Pakistan. Once more, the forces of sectarian hatred have butchered innocent Shia Muslims, just like what is happening in other nations like Iraq. Therefore, the latest atrocity in Pakistan against Shia Muslims is shocking by itself, yet sadly it isn’t a shock in reality because Shia persecution is ongoing in many parts of the mainly Muslim world.

After all, the followers of this faith face daily persecution because of Takfiri Islamic hatred that knows no boundaries. Alongside this is institutional hatred in nations like Bahrain, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia – to name just a few nations.

The Guardian reports: A Pakistani group that has affiliated itself to Islamic State (Isis) has killed more than 60 people in a bombing of a Shia mosque, one of the deadliest sectarian atrocities in years.”

“The explosive device ripped through a Shia imambargah, or prayer hall, in the southern Pakistani city of Shikarpur during the weekly Friday prayers when the building was packed with around 400 worshippers.”

Immediately after the barbaric terrorist massacre the Takfiri Islamist Jundallah group claimed responsibility. In 2013, the same terrorist organization slaughtered Christians inside a church. Therefore, the modus operandi of Jundallah is to slaughter innocents even in their respective holy places.

The BBC reports: The Jundallah militant group claimed that they had carried out the attack. The group has been linked to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and announced allegiance to Islamic State (IS) last year.”

In a similar vein about Jundallah, The Daily Telegraph says: “Jundullah, a Sunni terrorist group which does not accept Shias as Muslim, claimed responsibility for the attack. The group is based in nearby Balochistan and has carried out a number of terrorist attacks in Iran, Pakistan’s Shia-majority neighbour.”

The same media source above states: “Another Shia mosque was attacked earlier this month in Chittian Hattian in Rawalpindi, killing eight and wounding 25.”

Obviously, terrorist Takfiri Islamist groups like Jundallah – just like Boko Haram, ISIS, al-Shabaab, al-Nusra and a host of others – are only happy when they are butchering Ahmadiyya Muslims, Christians, Shia Muslims and so forth. In other words, it is nothing to do with alienation; it is only based on a bloodthirsty religious ideology that seeks to rule by fear. Failing to rule by fear, then Takfiri Islamists will slaughter, behead, blow people up in holy places – and kill innocents anywhere it is possible.

The latest brutal massacre against Shia Muslims is further evidence that this religious group faces unimaginable persecution at the hands of Takfiri Islamists.


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