Somalia needs $1 billion to avoid a famine

Somalia needs $1 billion to avoid a famine

Noriko Watanabe and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The United Nations (UN) is warning that Somalia faces a devastating famine related to the severe drought. Already, hundreds of children have died from malnutrition. Therefore, international organizations and agencies are requesting at least $1 billion to avoid a brutal famine in Somalia.

Sadly, the Al-Shabaab (Al-Shabab) Islamist insurgency is on the offensive, even during this terrible period related to the severe drought. Thus valuable government resources are being spent on stemming the Islamist insurgency.

Voice of America reports, “The U.N. humanitarian chief predicted Tuesday that at least $1 billion will be needed urgently to avert famine in Somalia in the coming months and early next year when two more dry seasons are expected to compound the historic drought that has hit the Horn of Africa nation.”

In an earlier appeal for $1.4 billion, the U.S Agency for International Development provided $476 million – with other nations also contributing. However, a further $1 billion is required because of the severity of the crisis.

UN News reports, “As a result of the poor rains, Somalia is facing a fourth consecutive failed rainy season and a heightened risk of localized famine in six areas – including in South West State – particularly if food prices continue to rise and humanitarian assistance is not sustained to reach the most vulnerable people.”

The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) stressed that events in Baidoa and districts in Burhakaba – don’t meet the criteria of famine. However, the IPC warned that if significant assistance isn’t forthcoming – then the famine is likely under the prevailing conditions.

The Guardian reports, that the IPC “…predicted that, with the drought likely to worsen, the security situation volatile, and food prices high, these areas would probably cross that threshold at some point during the last three months of the year – in the absence of significant humanitarian assistance reaching people most in need.”

Lee Jay Walker says, G7 and European Union nations are fixated on the conflict in Ukraine. Thus, America promised at least $60 billion in military equipment this year to Ukraine. Hence, nations blighted by food insecurity – and the possibility of famine – face dwindling international assistance”

The international community must take the window of opportunity to prevent famine in Somalia – while assisting with ongoing food insecurity and malnutrition.


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