Sudan crisis is spiraling out of control: Hospital attacked by the security apparatus

Sudan crisis is spiraling out of control: Hospital attacked by the security apparatus

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan faces a stern test to his rule based on spiraling demonstrations against his leadership. Initially, it appeared that demonstrations that erupted on December 19 were focused on the cost of living. However, it is now abundantly clear that other important areas of discontent toward al-Bashir are equally important. Hence, the crisis is spiraling alarmingly and the same applies to the brutality of the state apparatus.

Currently, over 40 Sudanese nationals have been killed since demonstrations first erupted on December 19. Yet, the latest footage showing security forces firing on and entering a hospital in Omdurman is extremely alarming. Indeed, security forces even captured injured people inside the hospital.

Amnesty International reports, Amnesty International can confirm that Sudanese security forces stormed a hospital in the city of Omdurman last night, firing live bullets and teargas as they looked for people injured during protests earlier in the day.”

The Deputy Director of Amnesty International for East Asia, Sarah Jackson, was visibly shocked by events in Omdurman. She stipulated strongly, “This attack on a hospital is an outrageous violation of international law.”

Channel 4 News in the United Kingdom showed a video that highlighted the brutality of the attack on the hospital in Omdurman. This applies to doctors and patients being attacked by tear gas inside the hospital and other brutal acts, including live ammunition.

Sky News stipulates, While the protests were sparked by the tripling of the price of bread, activists are now calling for Mr. Bashir to step down.”

Sudan Tribune reports, “Activists disseminated through the social media videos showing armed elements in plain clothes inside the hospital and identified them as militiamen of the “Popular Security” of the ruling National Congress Party.”

Sadly, with more blood flowing and the state apparatus even sending security forces into hospitals, then clearly the situation is spiraling out of control. Hence, al-Bashir faces a stern test to his policies of power concentration because tensions are increasing.

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