Sunni Islamists kill at least 51 in Mali: Sahel crisis

Sunni Islamists kill at least 51 in Mali: Sahel crisis

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The country of Mali is beset by ethnic tensions, a brutal Sunni Islamist insurgency, and political intrigues that are collectively weakening the nation-state. Thus, the news of a fresh massacre by Sunni Islamist terrorists in Mali is all too familiar. Therefore, the fear in certain parts of Mali hit worst by indiscriminate massacres is mounting.

Islamists struck inside Mali near the border areas of Burkina Faso and Niger. This part of the Sahel is exceptionally volatile, while the wider area of the Sahel needs regional and international initiatives to stem the cycle of violence.

Voice of America reports about the area of the Islamist attacks. This news agency reports, “The neighboring villages of Karou, Ouatagouna, and Daoutegeft are in an area near the borders with Niger and Burkina Faso that has seen increasing, often deadly, violence the past few years.” 

The brutal attacks against these villages led to the deaths of at least 51 people. It is known that Islamists arrived on motorbikes and then began killing indiscriminately irrespective of age. Therefore, many family members and friends are in deep mourning.

The Guardian reports, “Thousands of civilians and troops have died, with millions in need of humanitarian support. More than 380,000 people have been displaced, fleeing their homes in northern and central Mali, with two-thirds of them children. In neighboring Burkina Faso, more than 1.3 million have been internally displaced, in a rapidly worsening humanitarian crisis.”

Mali is fragmenting like other nations in the Sahel region. Hence, if nations are serious about containing terrorism in a vast area – and stemming ethnic violence – then regional and international countries must come together to support the millions of people who are blighted by bloodshed, poverty, and having little hope.


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