Suspected Sunni Islamist kills 2 young ladies in France after brutal attack in Marseilles

Suspected Sunni Islamist kills 2 young ladies in France after brutal attack in Marseilles

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

A suspected Sunni Islamist in France stabbed two young ladies to death while praising Allah in the city of Marseilles. Indeed, if it wasn’t for the rapid response of internal security services then the death total would have been much higher. Therefore, President Emmanuel Macron of France paid respect to security services and the role of soldiers belonging to Operation Sentinelle.

Macron said, “I hail the Operation Sentinelle soldiers and the police forces who reacted with extreme calmness and efficiency.”

Sources from the French police state the assailant shouted “Allahu Akbar” while he was slitting the throat of a young lady and stabbing another to death in the stomach. Of course, in the world of Sunni Islamism then non-Muslims and minority Muslim sects including the Alawites and the Shia are deemed subhuman. Hence, another Sunni Islamist religious supremacist butchered two innocent young women aged 17 and 20 respectively, in order to appease Allah.

Reuters reports, “The two victims – one aged 17 and the other 20 – suffered gory injuries, two police sources said, saying one had her throat slit while the other was stabbed in the stomach.”

Immediately after the event, approximately 200 officers from the police force cordoned the entire area. At the same time, it is known that the Sunni Islamist terrorist was killed quickly after he began attacking innocent women. Therefore, it is without a doubt that members of Operation Sentinelle were able to prevent other innocents from being butchered by a Sunni Islamist on European soil.

Renaud Muselier, the Regional President, said, “I think the security services responded extremely quickly. It’s difficult to do more because when you see the distance between the two bodies and the attacker it’s only 10 meters, so they intervened quickly.”

In recent years the specter of Sunni Islamist terrorism butchering in France – and other parts of Europe – is all too common. Of course, no terrorist issues are related to other faith groups or minority Muslim sects. Therefore, the Sunni Islamist angle is the one common theme that seeks to butcher in the name of Allah – while seeking retaliatory attacks in order to further the cause of death, destruction, division, fear, and submission.

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