Syria and the Uighur Takfiri group that set up a Palestinian sub-unit: China is concerned

Syria and the Uighur Takfiri group that set up a Palestinian sub-unit: China is concerned

Ramazan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Palestinians are being utilized by Sunni Islamists in several conflicts where fellow Arabs, Coptic Christians, Alawites, the Shia, and others, are being killed. This applies to conflicts and intrigues in Egypt (Sinai), Lebanon, and Syria. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Uighur Sunni Islamists are brainwashing Palestinians in Syria by setting up a sub-unit based on Palestinian forces.

China is also concerned by the role of Uighur Sunni Islamists in Syria and in other international arenas where this ethnic group is involving itself in terrorist and sectarian activities. After all, the linkage of Western China, Central Asia, and the murky role of Turkey, is setting alarm bells off in the corridors of power in Beijing with regards to the Uighurs.

Of course, the role of Palestinian militants in the Middle East over many decades is nothing new. This notably applies to links with the Muslim Brotherhood; events in Lebanon that was detrimental to Maronite Christians and the Shia; Egypt (Sinai); Jordan; Syria; and in recent times many Palestinians have left Iraq because of issues related to past events. Hence, another Sunni Islamist Takfiri force full of Palestinians in Syria is nothing new because Hamas (Gaza – Palestine) and others have taken an anti-Syrian government stance.

The Uighur terrorist group Katibat al Ghuraba al Turkistan (KGT), one of a plethora of Sunni Islamist Takfiri groups in Syria, is now focused on a sub-unit to placate Arabs from several nations and Palestinians throughout the region. This reality is lost on Shia Iran because this nation is pro-Palestinian despite many Shia Muslims and Alawites facing the wrath of Sunni Islamist Palestinians in Lebanon and Syria. Equally, Iran is intent on winning over the Sunni Islamist Hamas movement despite this Palestinian group being anti-Shia in the Gaza and taking an anti-Syrian government stance since intrigues began against this nation.

The KGT sub-unit is called Saraya Ghuraba Filistin and images show them fighting the armed forces of Syria. This al-Qaeda affiliate is showing how Palestinians are killing fellow Arabs in several parts of the Middle East. Equally, the sectarian nature of these Sunni Islamist Palestinians is once more coming to the fore based on Salafi indoctrination. Therefore, China is also deeply worried by the murky role of Uighur terrorists in several parts of the world – with Syria being a training ground for international terrorist forces.

Ironically, the so-called Arab world (countless indigenous minorities exist and others) remains quiet when Palestinians kill fellow Arabs or minority groups including Alawites and Coptic Christians. Similarly, Iran is turning a blind-eye to anti-Shia forces within the Palestinian camp. Hence, this latest sub-unit of the KGT is a firm reminder of the detrimental role of Palestinians within various Sunni Islamist terrorist and sectarian groups. Equally important to China, it shows the extent of Uighur terrorism and how this threat could escalate further given the international Takfiri Islamist bonds that are being shaped.

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