Syria appeals to Western Nations to lift sanctions and help the nation to stabilize

Syria appeals to Western Nations to lift sanctions and help the nation to stabilize

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The brutal conflict in Syria supported by Sunni Muslim led Gulf monarchies and certain NATO powers to various degrees are near its failed end game. Hence, the Syrian government, backed by the Russian Federation and Iran, is gradually restoring order to larger swathes of the nation. Therefore, the government of Syria is appealing to Western nations to end sanctions against the central government, in order for the state apparatus to provide job opportunities for returnees and individuals who fled internally.

In the early stages of the conflict, it was abundantly clear that Syria was meant to be the next secular domino in the chain – following on from intrigues against Iraq and Libya. However, the tenaciousness of the government of Syria and the armed forces who were enormously overstretched, meant that in time the Russian Federation and Iran would increase their involvement in supporting the central government. This especially became important because ISIS (Islamic State) was also threatening to overrun large swathes of Iraq, including a possible assault on the capital of this nation.

Turning the clock forward to current events in Syria then it is clear the government of President Bashar al-Assad is on the front foot. Hence, with more Syrians returning from outside Syria – and internally displaced people returning to government-held areas – then it is high time for the enemies of Syria to accept the situation on the ground.

Equally important, the convulsions of mass immigration racking several European nations will be boosted by a stable Syria. Indeed, the knock-on effect will equally benefit Iraq and nations grappling with mass immigration. Therefore, it is in the interest of Western nations to support stability in Syria and to listen to political elites in Damascus.

Hussein Makhlouf, a government minister, reiterated that more than three million people displaced internally have now returned home. This includes the areas of Aleppo, the countryside of Aleppo, the environs surrounding Damascus, Deir Ezzor, Homs, Lattakia, and the environs of Raqqa.

The Syrian Arab News Agency reports, Makhlouf asserted that Syrians abroad can return safely, and what applies to Syrians inside the country applies to those abroad, noting that Syrians are currently returning via border crossings as individuals or groups.”

It should be stressed that even when countless outside nations tried to destroy Syria by supporting sectarianism and wanton terrorist groups who butchered and cleansed at the drop of the hat, the government of Syria remained steadfast in trying to maintain the infrastructure. Hence, it is to the credit of the Syrian government that over 5,000 schools have been restored, hundreds of hospitals and measures are in place to help people find work and to focus on restoring the infrastructure. Therefore, it is essential that countries bury the hatchet by putting the people of Syria first because too many Syrian have perished in a brutal war that was supported by countless nations.


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