Syria is not going to Sacrifice its Independence to a Foreign and Terrorist Diktat

Syria is not going to Sacrifice its Independence to a Foreign and Terrorist Diktat

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


It is worth recalling that this week is a normal week in the ravages of a chaotic world unleashed by powerful Gulf and Western powers. Turkey and Pakistan are equally responsible in several nations. Therefore, the same destabilizing forces have no reason to talk about peace, justice, freedom, prosperity and so forth. On the contrary, the same nations keep on reeking death and destruction based on their collective sponsored chaos.

Syria prior to outside meddling under President Bashar al-Assad was a nation whereby various religious faiths co-existed and where women had untold freedom compared with the feudal and barbaric nature of Saudi Arabia. Indeed, all major Gulf and Western powers prior to destabilizing Syria had growing relations with this nation and the same applies to Turkey. However, the power mania of outside nations after overthrowing Gaddafi in Libya was extremely potent therefore they took their bloodlust to Syria.

Indeed, from day one the so-called “peaceful demonstrators” were lynching people deemed loyal to the government of Syria and attacking the armed forces based on the planned chaos. Immediately outside nations against secular Syria began to fund sectarianism, terrorism and sedition. This reality meant that all religious minorities now became targets of brutal forces and loyal pro-government Sunni Muslims would be butchered for opposing sectarian and terrorist forces.

Despite everything, the armed forces of Syria remain steadfast in their determination to uphold the sovereignty and independence of their homeland. This is clearly witnessed by their self-sacrifice for all Syrians who support independence and freedom irrespective of faith. After all, the armed forces of Syria represent the entire mosaic of society and clearly the nation of Syria was a refuge for people fleeing war and chaos throughout the region. Therefore, people from all faiths from Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine fled to secular Syria in order to escape the intrigues of outside nations. It never mattered to the Syrian government if people were Sunni, Christian, Shia and so forth.

Unlike Kosovo, Iraq and Libya it is abundantly clear that the Russian Federation is disillusioned by outside nations spreading chaos and destabilization. Therefore, the government of Syria was never isolated because other important powers also refused to wilt in the face of enormous propaganda towards Syria based on media disinformation. However, the same intrigues throughout the Gulf and West are still blind to reality therefore they continue to peddle irrationality and disinformation.

Peace talks are scheduled to take place in Switzerland and now major Western powers are praising the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) for agreeing to attend talks. Yet, the majority of the 120 lose group of individuals didn’t agree. More important, on the ground various terrorist and sectarian forces are currently killing each other in vast numbers and clearly the SNC can’t do anything to stop this. Of course, the same barbaric forces being sponsored by outside powers are also slaughtering Kurds, persecuting Christians, beheading Alawites, killing the Shia and butchering pro-government Sunni Muslims. In other words, the outside diktat is a farce of mega proportions because you have no unity within the SNC and this movement of outside proxies doesn’t control the plethora of terrorist and sectarian forces in Syria. This reality means that only the Syrian government can hold genuine talks because the treachery of outside lackeys doesn’t hold any substance whatsoever.

Of course the Syrian government understands fully that a political situation needs to be found but this can only happen internally. Outside nations that have meddled negatively and their proxies have no right to decide the fate of Syria. After all, the armed forces of this nation continue to sacrifice everything in order for the mosaic of Syria to survive alongside the rich heritage of this nation. Opposition Takfiri forces on the other hand desire to crush all religious minorities, destroy important religious shrines, destroy the indigenous culture just like the barbaric Taliban in Afghanistan – and to crush indigenous Sunni Islam in order that Salafi Islam will spread throughout the nation of Syria. On top of this, Takfiris desire to put women in the shadows and to turn the clock back.

Even before the talks begin the United Kingdom is still continuing with its self-supporting sectarian sponsoring mantra just like America and France. The United Kingdom, not being content with helping to unleash forces that cleansed Christians in East Timor, Kosovo and Iraq, is now at it again in Syria. William Hague, Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, says: As I have said many times, any mutually agreed settlement means that Assad can play no role in Syria’s future.”

In other words, the United Kingdom continues to support a diktat and to side with sectarian and terrorist forces. Of course, Hague couldn’t even persuade the British government to agree to military intervention but this doesn’t stop him from peddling more diktats towards Syria. Irrespective of the final outcome of ending the conflict which began because of outside nations meddling into the internal affairs of Syria – it is abundantly clear that only Syrians can decide the future of their nation state. After all, the government of Syria refused to sell their souls for Gulf petrodollars and to flee to wealthy homes in foreign nations unlike elites within the so-called SNC.

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, says about the vote of the SNC that: “This is a courageous vote in the interests of all the Syrian people who have suffered so horribly under the brutality of the Assad regime and a civil war without end.”

Of course, this is ridiculous spin because the so-called civil war is based on outside nations supporting a plethora of sectarian, terrorist and al-Qaeda affiliates by utilizing ratlines in NATO Turkey, parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Libya and so forth. If the armed forces of Syria collapsed then today Syria would be another failed state and al-Qaeda affiliates would have a free reign to spread further mayhem and chaos. Indeed, vast numbers of Iraqis are now being killed because sectarian and al-Qaeda affiliates are utilizing their armed shipments by spreading fresh chaos in Iraq. At the same time, outside sponsored chaos is undermining Lebanon because sectarian forces and terrorist factions are growing in influence.

Indeed, while the government of Syria is still focused on a political solution it is clear that feudal Gulf powers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar are still intent on supporting terrorism and sectarianism. Therefore, it is essential that Gulf powers and Turkey pull back from their sponsored chaos in order for Syria to find a political solution once sectarian and terrorist forces have been defeated. Of course, in order for the sectarian and terrorist angle to be defeated then it is essential that all nations meddling negatively in Syria refrain from their destabilization policies.

The road ahead remains to be difficult for Syria but because of the steadfast nature of the armed forces then currently this nation is still home to the rich mosaic of the Levant. If the armed forces were defeated in Syria then this rich mosaic would be crushed and Syria would witness another outside sponsored failed state. After all, look at modern day Kosovo, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan – not much to be proud about, surely?


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