Syria: Japan Should Focus on Turkey and Qatar in Self-Induced Hostage Crisis

Syria: Japan Should Focus on Turkey and Qatar in Self-Induced Hostage Crisis

Hiroshi Saito and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rightly condemned the threat by ISIS to kill two Japanese nationals. However, the two nationals involved have created their own downfall based on acting naively at best, or in the case of one individual then outright stupidity. Despite this, the beheading of individuals is utter barbarity therefore Abe must be seen to act accordingly.

Yet, in truth it is nations like Turkey and Qatar that should be held accountable for the enormous growth of ISIS. Similarly, other players like Saudi Arabia and the intrigues of Western powers like America, France, and the United Kingdom, have all encouraged the destabilization of Syria. Therefore, the so-called friends of Japan – just like another hostage crisis in North Africa that led to the deaths of Japanese nationals – need to be held accountable because of their support of various terrorist forces in Syria and in other parts of the world.

ISIS (Islamic State -IS) allegedly is linking Japan with the anti-ISIS alliance that is meant to be tackling this sectarian Takfiri Islamist terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. This is based on certain funding in the fight against terrorism that is being funded by Japan.

Since the crisis erupted in Syria then political forces in Damascus have stated time-and-time again that is it outside powers within NATO and the Gulf region that are fueling terrorism and sectarianism throughout the Levant. Likewise, just like in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya then Western powers and certain Muslim dominated nations have funded mass destabilization. The end results being terrorism, chaos, mass killings, sectarianism and the destabilization of nation states.

The BBC reports: “The video named the two men as Kenji Goto, a well-known freelance journalist, and Haruna Yukawa, who reportedly went to Syria to set up a private military contracting company.”

Abe stated strongly that: “The international community will not give in to any form of terrorism and we have to make sure that we work together.”

This comment is well meaning, however, it is incorrect. After all, ISIS flourished (and still flourishes) because of the intrigues of nations like Turkey and Qatar. At the same time, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states finance various terrorist and sectarian forces against the government of Syria. Also, many international jihadists have flocked to Syria via Europe and of course their conduit was NATO Turkey.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated: “In reality, it is clear that not only is NATO Turkey allowing sectarian and terrorist forces to enter northern Syria but this nation is also a conduit for major military arms that are being utilized by al-Qaeda affiliates, ISIS, FSA and various other terrorist forces.  If Turkey is so concerned about human rights then why is this nation allowing al-Qaeda affiliates and other brutal terrorist groups to utilize the geography of Turkey? Similarly, why isn’t NATO putting pressure on Turkey if this organization is against terrorism and sectarianism?”

The same article continues by stating: “Despite the many ratlines linking Turkey with much of the carnage in Syria it is clear that this nation is still playing “the humanitarian card” alongside taking the “high moral ground.” However, how moral is it to allow forces to utilize your country in order for brutal Takfiris, ISIS, FSA and al-Qaeda linked groups to behead minorities and cause untold suffering to the people of Syria?”

If Abe is really concerned about fighting terrorism based on funding certain institutions and nations, then he should look at the friends of Japan. In other words, not only did the two Japanese nationals enter Syria via NATO but the same terrorist forces now holding these two nationals also have safe havens in nations that are deemed to be friends of Japan. Therefore, just like the deaths of Japanese nationals in North Africa was based on the destabilization of Libya by so called allies of Japan that mushroomed to neighboring nations. Then similarly the forces of terrorism in Syria are being funded by so called friends of Japan. In other words, it would be in the interest of Japan to open dialogue with the legitimate government in Damascus and to distance its anti-terrorist policies from so-called allies that are enabling this cancer to grow.


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