Syria Needs Strengthening in Order to Strike ISIS: Iraq and US Schizophrenia

Syria Needs Strengthening in Order to Strike ISIS: Iraq and US Schizophrenia

Jibril Khoury and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad continues to fight bravely against sectarian and terrorist forces that are sponsored by outside nations. After several years of a brutal conflict sponsored by Gulf and NATO powers it is clear that the destabilization of Syria is leading to the collapse of Iraq. Similarly, Lebanon is worried that Takfiri sectarians will try to make further inroads in order to create mayhem. Therefore, the destabilization of Syria must end in order for central forces to crush ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and other brutal sectarian and terrorist forces. If not, then ISIS will continue to destabilize Iraq based on utilizing military arms entering Syria because of the intrigues of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

It is abundantly clear that every single death of a Syrian soldier is an added bonus for ISIS and other brutal sectarian and terrorist forces. This reality makes it ludicrous for outside nations sponsoring the destabilization of Syria to be concerned about events in Iraq. After all, it is clear that ISIS and the growing sectarian menace in Iraq is based on the brutal policies that have been enacted by outside nations towards the people of Syria. Therefore, the anti-Syrian destabilizing forces of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom must cease their brutal policies – if not, then Iraq is in severe danger and Lebanon also fears being swallowed up in the mayhem.

If you look at nations that are blighted by terrorism, sectarianism and are on the verge of being failed states, then just follow the meddling of Gulf and Western powers. From Afghanistan in the 1980s and early 1990s to the current crisis in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, then the usual players are involved. Of course, nations like Pakistan and Turkey are also involved in geopolitical factors in relation to Afghanistan and Syria respectively. This reality is creating havoc therefore Iraq is once more being set alight because of the brutal polices of outside nations based on their collective hatred towards independent Syria.

Interestingly, while NATO Turkey is being utilized to destabilize Syria the same NATO nation isn’t being utilized in order to crush ISIS in Iraq. Likewise, the same sectarian and terrorist forces being supported against secular Syria are the same psychopathic killers that are slaughtering Christians, Yazidis, Shabaks, the Shia and anyone deemed loyal to the government in Iraq. Indeed, Sunni Muslims that oppose their brutal Takfiri mindset are also butchered by Takfiri Salafists. Also, like usual, the brutal reality of Gulf petrodollars is at play and the same applies to feudal monarchs funding proxy wars. Of course, this doesn’t seem to concern Western powers too much because no action is being taken to stem the tide of Gulf petrodollars that is sponsoring Takfiri barbarity far and wide – and this also applies to brainwashing individuals based on educational propaganda. This reality is clear for all to see because many Takfiri barbarians that are cutting the throats of Shia Muslims and so forth were born and raised in Europe, North America and Australia. In other words, Gulf petrodollars are even allowed to propagate hatred within democratic societies because they appear to have a free pass to spread divisions within society.

Not so long ago several NATO powers were on the brink of bombing Syria under a very dubious pretext. This pretext had all the hallmarks of another major lie just like the initial invasion of Iraq was based on falsehood. However, the House of Commons in the United Kingdom refused to give Prime Minister Cameron the green light. Likewise, President Obama knew full well that he was also likely to lose the vote therefore the Russian Federation stepped in with its plan. If NATO nations, especially America, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom had bombed Syria, then the only winners would have been ISIS and other brutal and barbaric terrorist, sectarian and Takfiri forces. Thankfully, the Western and Gulf conspiracy failed because if the government of President Bashar al-Assad had collapsed then the crisis in Iraq and Lebanon would have erupted to a much higher degree.

Gradually more individuals opposed to the government of Syria in high places fully understand the reality on the ground and they also see the bigger picture. Ryan Crocker, former US ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq states: It is time to consider a future for Syria without Assad’s ouster, because it is overwhelmingly likely that is what the future will be.… Better armed, organized, supported and motivated, Assad isn’t going. Most likely, he will get the country back, inch by bloody inch. Perhaps Al Qaeda will hold a few enclaves in the north. But he will hold Damascus. And do we really want the alternative—a major country at the heart of the Arab world in the hands of Al Qaeda? So we need to come to terms with a future that includes Assad—and consider that as bad as he is, there is something worse.”

Of course, the above also is distorting the reality of Syria under Bashar al-Assad because Syria took in millions of refugees from Iraq irrespective of religious faith. Likewise, Christians and other minorities in Syria are fleeing Gulf and Western sponsored terrorist and sectarian forces. Therefore, the real enemy to the rich mosaic of the Levant region and modern day Iraq applies to feudal Gulf monarchs, the polices of Turkey under Prime Minister Erdogan and the policies of major Western powers. Given this reality, it is high time to stop the destabilization of Syria in order for ISIS and others to be crushed by the Syrian armed forces. In order to do this, then Turkey and Gulf powers must be restrained and major Western powers need to focus on the brutal reality that they are sowing the seeds of sectarianism, terrorism and enabling Takfiris to grow in influence.

Iraq is now in severe crisis because ISIS is intent on cutting the throats of the Shia, Christians, Shabaks and Yazidis. Indeed, anyone opposed to ISIS faces enormous persecution. If the current limited air campaign by America is meant to address the balance in Iraq, then clearly this isn’t going to happen while Syria is destabilized. Therefore, it is essential that Syria emerges victorious and that a re-alignment takes hold whereby Gulf petrodollars, Western meddling and the brutal intrigues of Turkey under Erdogan are taken out of the equation. After all, a strong Syria will cut the arteries of ISIS and enable the armed forces of Iraq, Syria and various Kurdish groups to force the Takfiri menace into a corner.


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