Syrian Government is an Essential Pivot in the Stabilization of the Region: US Confusion Continues

Syrian Government is an Essential Pivot in the Stabilization of the Region: US Confusion Continues

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The government of Syria continues to fight tenaciously against many outside nations and international jihadists, that both seek to destroy the secular fabric of this country under President Bashar al-Assad. In reality this means that major Gulf and NATO powers, along with international jihadists, all seek mass destabilization. After all, outside meddling by Gulf and NATO powers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya all led to chaos, sectarianism, terrorism, instability, the demise of central control, religious hatred, women being put into the shadows and other negative realities – for example the rise of heroin in Afghanistan. Therefore, without a shadow of a doubt the same Gulf petrodollars and Western powers are collectively involved in creating failed states.

Against all the odds, the government of President Assad is showing that not all independent nation states can be crushed, even if mass instability exists in parts of the nation because of outside meddling. Indeed, the utter barbarity of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and an array of other terrorist groups didn’t concern either NATO or Gulf powers. This can be stated clearly because even when images of brutal beheadings, hangings, rapes of religious minorities, children being taught to behead captured Syrian soldiers and cutting up Syrian soldiers were seen – the same nations kept on funding, training and conspiring with these brutal forces. However, when a few Western hostages were beheaded and Christians and Yazidis began to be sold into slavery by ISIS in Iraq (reports state similar acts in Syria against various groups), then a rethink was forced onto some nations involved in the destabilization of Syria. Of course, this reality doesn’t appear to concern France, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Yet, true to the mass confusion that grips the American government under President Obama, then while certain airstrikes are happening against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – Islamic State/IS) – while somehow leaving their strongholds intact, for example Raqqa in Syria – the same anti-Syrian government agenda is alive and kicking within the corridors of power in Washington. France, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey also continue to agitate against secular Syria. This is despite of ISIS, Nusra and other terrorist and sectarian forces continuing to cleanse ethnic groups like the Kurds and persecute religious minorities including Christians, Alawites, Shabaks (in Iraq) and others. For the minority Shia community in Syria and the majority Shia community in Iraq, then Takfiris and other sectarian Sunni Islamist forces continue to massacre the Shia with open glee. Despite this reality, somehow NATO and Gulf powers are still plying the mantra that secular Syria under President Assad should be defeated.

It is hard to fathom why Western powers once more seek to destroy a secular state that protects all religious faiths and gives much needed breathing space to the Christians of the region. Despite this, major Western powers are siding with Turkey with all of its anti-Christian history and with Saudi Arabia whereby not one single Christian church is allowed. In other words, the forces of sectarianism and anti-diversity are being supported against the independent nation of Syria that allows all religious communities to co-exist under their control. Obviously, minority religious communities like the Christians of Syria are fleeing from ISIS, Nusra and the FSA – and other sectarian and terrorist groups – that are being respectively supported by different NATO and Gulf powers.

Chuck Hagel, the Defense Secretary of America, highlights the mass confusion of the Obama administration. He comments: “Just alone dealing with Assad, where we are now … that’s not going to put ISIL (ISIS) back in the box.”

Hagel continued by stating: “We could change Assad today, and that’s not going to change all the dynamics … Who are you going to replace Assad with? What kind of an army can take on ISIL?”

The above clearly highlights that you don’t have any quick fix because Hagel is indicating that much worse awaits a future Syria based on various terrorist and sectarian forces that exist. Sadly, the logical conclusion isn’t being met because surely it is in the interest of stabilizing Syria by stopping anti-Syrian states from supporting chaos, mayhem and barbaric sectarian massacres. Yet the mass confusion that exists in the powers of corridor in Washington continues because instead of trying to solve the crisis based on stopping outside meddling; the answer once more in Washington is to support so-called moderate forces that don’t exist on the ground outside of the Syrian armed forces that support the mosaic of this nation.

America’s Joint Chiefs Chairman, Martin Dempsey, highlights this mass confusion because he states that: “… our strategy is to strengthen the moderate opposition to the point where they can, first, defend and control their local areas; next, go on the offense and take back areas that have been lost to ISIL; and ultimately, as their capabilities and leverage develop, to create conditions for a political settlement in Syria.”

In other words, the Syrian government will continue to be attacked by proxies of America therefore further weakening a centralized state. This reality means that the Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya scenario awaits Syria if the government of this nation is defeated. Therefore, the madness that exists in America – and other powerful NATO states like France, Turkey and the United Kingdom – means that these nations are in alliance with major Gulf powers that are supporting terrorism, sectarianism and mass instability throughout the Levant and Iraq. After all, many powerful jihadist leaders in Syria come from nations like Saudi Arabia, just like mainly Saudi nationals did September 11; this reality equates to utter madness.

It is abundantly clear that outside nations have created – and continue to create utter carnage and chaos – that besets Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The same forces of instability are doing the same in Syria but this time it is clear that mass barbarity is setting off alarm bells in other nations that are disillusioned by the same lies. Therefore, the stability of the Levant and Iraq depends on the survival of the Syrian government and the armed forces of this nation. If not, then another destabilized state based on terrorism, the destruction of religious minorities, forcing women into the shadows, mass poverty and other brutal realities will blight future generations.


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