Taliban are closing in on Lashkar Gah in Afghanistan: Ghani blames the speed of the US pullout

Taliban are closing in on Lashkar Gah in Afghanistan: Ghani blames the speed of the US pullout

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Afghanistan is facing the growing threat of the Taliban. Thus President Ashraf Ghani is looking increasingly anxious. Ghani, clearly unhappy about the speed of the US military pullout under President Joe Biden of America, knows that the crisis is increasing each new day.

The leader of Afghanistan said the “abrupt” pullout of all remaining American forces is the reason for the critical security situation. Ghani had wanted America and NATO to keep some military forces inside the country – notably in cities of strategic significance. However, Biden, following on from the former leader Donald Trump, sought to leave the quagmire.

Voice of America reports, “He blamed the deterioration in the country’s security to a ‘sudden decision’ by the United States and NATO forces to leave but said it was now up to Afghans to manage the fallout.”

The BBC reports, “If Lashkar Gah fell, it would be the first provincial capital won by the Taliban since 2016. It is one of three provincial capitals under attack.”

The situation is also tense in Herat and Kandahar. Hence, the security apparatus of Afghanistan is being stretched by the Taliban in several parts of the country. Likewise, the psychological angle is enormous because the Islamist Taliban stoned women to death in the past and ushered in many brutal laws.

It is known that airstrikes by America and Afghanistan are pounding the Taliban in the environs of Lashkar Gah. Yet soon little will be available to America to alter the situation on the ground. Therefore, vast numbers of refugees will flock to Iran, Pakistan, and the European Union because wealthy Gulf nations will do little to welcome their co-religionists.

The weakness of America in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria is visible internationally. Thus after involving themselves, the armed forces of America eventually leave after untold damage is done concerning the shortsighted policies of political elites – irrespective of Democrat or Republican.

Afghanistan must now focus on regional nations to help the country overcome a deteriorating situation. Likewise, despite the crisis being created many decades ago by outside meddling, it is time for Afghanistan to come together to fight the menace of the Taliban.

All moderate Sunni’s, Tajiks, Uzbeks, the Shia, and so forth face the Takfiri Islamist sword if the Taliban prevails.




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