The death penalty for defaming Mohammed in Brunei and for being homosexual: Phobia?

The death penalty for defaming Mohammed in Brunei and for being homosexual: Phobia?

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nation of Brunei will introduce the death penalty for various crimes in accordance with Islamic Sharia law, the Hadiths, and the Koran. This will include the death penalty for adultery, defaming the Prophet Mohammed, sodomy, and other areas. Therefore, the small monarchy of Brunei is notifying the world that Islamic Sharia law will take clear precedence over international human rights.

Of course, it is unfair to solely pick on Brunei because other nations that are ruled by Islamic Sharia law enforce strict restrictions on the rights of apostates, women, non-Muslims, non-heterosexuals, and so forth. Indeed, in 2019, not one single Buddhist temple is allowed in Saudi Arabia and the same applies to all other non-Muslim faiths. Hence, with non-Muslim males facing death or prison for marrying Muslim females in several nations ruled by Islamic Sharia law, then Brunei is following the tenets laid down by the Koran, the Hadiths, and Islamic Sharia law.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah uttered, “I want to see Islamic teachings in this country grow stronger.”

Ironically, while the international community in the non-Islamic Sharia law world is condemning Brunei, the opposite will most likely happen in nations including Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and others that support the Islamist worldview. Hence, it is likely that Brunei will become an even more popular tourist destination for conservative Muslims who support Islamic Sharia law. Similarly, with Islamic Banking being very powerful, then Brunei will most likely attract even more capital from nations that support the same religious mindset despite the various sects in Islam.

It must be stated, ironically, that while Brunei is receiving enormous international condemnation that Buddhists and Christians have more rights in this nation rather than in Iran or Saudi Arabia. Indeed, in Pakistan, every year many Christian and Hindu women are forcibly converted to Islam while the law does little to protect non-Muslims. Hence, Brunei is more tolerant in many areas when compared with other nations that have enforced Islamic Sharia law

The New York Times reports, “A harsh new criminal law in Brunei — which includes death by stoning for sex between men or for adultery, and amputation of limbs for theft — went into effect on Wednesday, despite an international outcry from other countries, rights groups, celebrities, and students.”

It is hoped that the fake narrative of Islamophobia will be seen for what it is. After all, in several Islamic Sharia law nations, the death penalty or prison applies to apostates, for non-Muslims who seek to spread their respective faith, for non-Muslim males who marry Muslim females, and other areas including homosexuality and lesbianism. In other words, this fake Islamophobia narrative isn’t a phobia because it can kill or imprison based on the teachings of the Koran, the Hadiths, and Islamic Sharia law.

Of course, non-Muslim nations must protect the rights of Muslims from hate crimes or far-right militants. Yet, the same non-Muslim nations must rebuke nations that follow Islamic Sharia law based on the infringement of human rights. In other words, a reciprocal approach is needed where people of all faiths – and no faith – have equal access to the rule of law. Therefore, it is hoped that the context of Brunei will apply to the bigger picture because this issue needs tackling in relation to other nations that include Iran and Saudi Arabia.


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