The tyranny of the state apparatus in Iran that crushes dissent and freedom

The tyranny of the state apparatus in Iran that crushes dissent and freedom

Murad Makhmudov, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Iran continues to use the state apparatus in order to crush countless demonstrations that break out from time to time – or individuals who question the validity of theocratic oppression. Hence, the judiciary made it known last year that “alleged rioters” face the death penalty. Despite this, once more European and international powers were extremely tepid to the response of state oppression in Iran. Hence, apart from America and a few other nations condemning Iran, the political and religious elites feel emboldened to crush demonstrators and individuals by all means possible. This is based on the policy of human rights at home for democratic nations that turn a blind eye – and silence abroad when oppression is ignored based on vested economic interests.

It is known that demonstrators and individuals deemed a threat to society often perish in Evin Prison and similar institutions of state repression. The same tyrannical state continues to rule by fear year after year, decade after decade. Indeed, the state apparatus even targets women seeking to express themselves freely based on clothes.

Religious persecution against minorities is also a major problem in Iran and in other nations ruled by Sharia Islamic law. The CEO of New Iran, Alireza Nader, reported, Religious freedom and state repression has increased under President [Hassan] Rouhani. Christian converts and Baha’is are under severe pressure in particular. Far from providing a government of ‘moderation,’ Rouhani has instead abetted state repression against all Iranians, especially minorities.”

Earlier this year, The Guardian uttered the facts of another damning year for Iran. Hence, in reference to events in 2018, this media group said, “Iranian authorities arrested more than 7,000 dissidents last year in a sweeping crackdown that led to hundreds being jailed or flogged, at least 26 protesters being killed, and nine people dying in custody amid suspicious circumstances, according to Amnesty International.”

Ironically, despite Iran utilizing the Shia clergy to crush dissent internally, the same pro-Shia stance isn’t followed externally. For example, Iran still trades with anti-Shia Malaysia. Equally, despite NATO Turkey utilizing Sunni Islamists and other proxies against Syria both Iran and Turkey have extremely cordial relations. This highlights that Syria is “a proxy war among trading partners” and just like Iran works in tandem with the anti-Shia Muslim Brotherhood, then the Shia angle is manipulated by mass propaganda.

The notorious Evin Prison is a place where torture is perpetrated against innocents in Iran. Hence, one can only imagine the final hours of Sina Ghanbari when this individual passed from this world based on the tyranny of the state apparatus of Iran. Of course, the same applies to so many who have died at the hands of the state apparatus – and, to future victims based on the inadequate response of the international community.

In a past article, Modern Tokyo Times stipulated, “The clerical and political elites have decided to deploy the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, in order to crush growing dissent throughout the country. At the same time, the judiciary is threatening to execute people deemed to be rioting. Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran is merely confirming its rule by fear – after all, how else can you justify the threat of execution for “alleged rioting?”

Voices emerged last year expressing openly that “People are begging, the supreme leader is acting like God!” Of course, this discontent was met by the full force of the tyrannical state apparatus of Iran. Yet, many in Iran are disillusioned by the tyranny of the theocratic state that manipulates the masses by endless propaganda and squanders resources on proxy wars. Therefore, despite the diktats and the tyranny of the judiciary, many in Iran seek a new way in order to be free from endless shackles.


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