Tokyo Fashion News: Ginza Fashion and Changing Dynamics

Tokyo Fashion News: Ginza Fashion and Changing Dynamics

Kanako Itamae and Sarah Deschamps

Modern Tokyo Times


Ginza is located in a very leafy part of Tokyo and the fashion angle to this district is known because of the endless exquisite boutiques that exist throughout this vibrant district. This reality still exists strongly within the plush environment of Ginza in 2015. However, a more casual approach to fashion is gradually impacting on this adorable district. Therefore, you now have a more eclectic vibe in Ginza because of the natural flow of different age groups and fashion styles that are impacting on this flourishing part of Tokyo.

Ginza and Yurakucho naturally flow into each other in this exclusive part of Tokyo therefore changes can also be felt in Yurakucho. Several years ago the Lumine Department Store entered the market of Yurakucho. Therefore, with the enormous pulling power of this delightful fashion store appealing to the younger generation – along with fast fashion altering the fashion dynamics of Ginza – then the fashion landscape is gradually changing. Indeed, the Lumine Department Store is extremely hip because you have so many elegant boutiques in this lovely store, with the main emphasis and target market being younger ladies (also caters for men).


Internationally, fashion districts like Aoyama, Ginza and Omotesando are all famous because of the exquisite nature of the boutiques in these stunning districts. Naturally, you will also witness extravagant architecture in all three plush districts. However, with the fashion sector being so competitive then it is essential that respective fashion districts open themselves up to new approaches. In this sense, it is clear that the new trends entering Ginza are based on the need to maintain a fresh angle. Therefore, a more casual outlook that focused on the younger generation gradually emerged despite the crème de la crème angle still dominating throughout Ginza.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated: “Another natural result of this is the growing youthful dynamics of fashion in Ginza that is creating a complete shopping experience for all age groups. The exclusive nature of fashion remains in Ginza and neighboring Yurakucho. Yet clearly the casual fashion scene is altering the dynamics despite still being secondary overall to the exquisite fashion scene, which still predominates in this part of Tokyo.”


“Therefore, in the past it may have appeared risky for companies like H&M, Uniqlo, Shimamura (Fashion Center Shimamura), and others, to target exclusive fashion districts like Ginza. However, this clearly no longer applies because of strong branding, adapting to new fashion landscapes and remaining competitive despite the high costs of renting in exclusive districts in Tokyo.”

Real Estate in the Chuo-dori and Harumi-dori is where some of the most expensive real estate exists throughout the world. Despite this, many brands aimed at the lower end of the market have not only entered the fashion angle in Ginza but they have also created a new buzz throughout the entire district.


Overall, Ginza is still rightly known for the exclusive nature of many boutiques that are located in this part of Tokyo. However, the vibrancy of the younger generation, fresh approaches to fashion and connecting with the environment, means that a new energy can be felt throughout this adorable fashion district.

Lee Jay Walker provided assistance to both main writers


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