Tokyo Governor Koike is enabling the sex entertainment area to threaten society with Covid-19  

Tokyo Governor Koike is enabling the sex entertainment area to threaten society with Covid-19  

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sadly, many traditional owned family companies have gone bankrupt because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis in Tokyo. At the same time, many Tokyoites are still waiting for the promised 100,000-yen from the national government. This is based on the slowness of various wards in Tokyo.

However, what is galling is that the Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike is still enabling the sex entertainment angle to threaten wider society. Thus imagine if you are an individual or family that just lost your own company. Or you are on the margins and looking for temporary contracts to survive.

Even more alarming, you have just lost someone who died from coronavirus. Then, once more, you read about endless new cases of coronavirus emanating from the sex entertainment district in Kabukicho.

Astonishingly, Kabukicho is situated in Shinjuku. Yes, the same district where the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is based. Hence, why is the female leader of Tokyo so fearful of curtailing this sexual entertainment district?

Of the 47 new cases on Sunday, 18 were related to the sexual entertainment district in Kabukicho and 14 to the nightlife area. Meanwhile, another 48 cases today of which 20 individuals are related to being host employees. This keeps happening despite the known relationship between this area and the high percentage of coronavirus infections.

Despite this, Koike isn’t taking sufficient measures to protect Tokyo from a new outbreak. In other words, she is accepting that women must be playthings for men even during the coronavirus crisis.

Koike said lamely, “Through active testing, (I hope that) people would be conscious of their infection and would not transmit the virus to others.”

Overall, workers continue to suffer the psychological angle of coronavirus in Tokyo. The same applies to people commuting between the capital and the prefectures of Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama.

This fear is continuing to a large extent because of infections emanating from Kabukicho. After all, people that visit this sexual entertainment district will have families, friends, colleagues at work, go shopping, get on trains and buses, and have partners.

Hence, people in Tokyo need to speak out more and condemn this ongoing irresponsibility. This equally applies to the leader of Tokyo because this angle is generating endless anxiety.

The vast majority of Tokyoites who don’t visit the sexual entertainment district or nightclubs – or people refraining from going because of the coronavirus crisis – need protecting. Thus the response of Koike isn’t good enough because the psychological and economic damage is enormous. – Tokyo Metropolitan Government website for updates about the coronavirus crisis in Tokyo. – Japan regional coronavirus statistics World coronavirus statistics


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