Tokyo tourism and Akihabara: Anime, electronic goods, otaku, and maid cafe

Tokyo tourism and Akihabara: Anime, electronic goods, otaku, and maid cafe

Kanako Mita and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo News

In Tokyo, the district of Akihabara is extremely independent and caters for a different experience. This relates to cosplay shopping, electronic products, maid cafe, otaku culture, and working space cafes to formulate new ideas.

If your world is anime, computers, the latest electronic products on the market, maid cafes, gaming, and manga then you will love Akihabara. Equally, people belonging to various angles of otaku culture will find a place to relax.

Electronic shops in various sizes can be found in abundance. This relates to Akky, Laox, Sofmap, Yodobashi Camera, and an array of others. Indeed, you can find small stores that belong to a past generation.

Anime, figurines, maid cafe, manga cafe, and other angles cater to otaku culture. The Mandarake store is extremely large and people can find collectible products. Stores in Akihabara are a treasure trove for anime and manga – and other stuff including cosplay clothes, dolls, figurines, posters, and toys. Therefore, Akiba Cultures Zone, Animate, Mandarake, Radio Kaikan (multiple stores), and others are extremely popular.

The maid cafe angle also attracts otaku, tourists, and people who just want to relax in an unusual setting. People can just sit back and be served food and drink by young ladies dressed in various maid costumes.

This relates to the sophisticated maid style at Cure Maid Cafe. Or the more cute style of @home cafe. Others including Maidreamin, MIA Cafe (Maid in Angels Cafe), Pinafore, The Granvania (more pub-style and eating place), and others that cater to different angles.

Overall, Akihabara is an independent district that provides a unique angle. Therefore, if you are a tourist, a visit to this district will highlight a different world that ticks to a different beat! Akiba Cultures Zone


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