US firm alleges China hacking Japan Covid-19 projects: Skepticism is needed

US firm alleges China hacking Japan Covid-19 projects: Skepticism is needed

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga needs a calm head because these days China is being blamed for countless things. Often, without clear evidence that it is related to state involvement.

According to an information security firm based in America, China is utilizing cyberattacks against Japanese companies involved in vaccines for the coronavirus (Covid-19). Apparently, this began in April.

However, the big elephant in the room is that China is advanced in areas related to vaccines and utilizing technology to contain the coronavirus. Equally important, the economy of China is growing and not America or Japan.

Similarly, America is blighted by 225,151 deaths and endless numbers of new infections. Likewise, while deaths have been relatively low in Japan, this nation still can’t erase the coronavirus from Tokyo and other parts of this country to the level of China.

In other words, since China is currently containing the coronavirus and its economy is growing, then why would this nation entertain borrowing from nations in deeper trouble? This notably applies to America.

On the contrary, America and Japan should be focused on the response of China in containing the coronavirus. Equally, how this nation kickstarted its economy while America, countless European Union nations, India, Japan, and the United Kingdom are still floundering.

Of course, hacking and cybercrime are global threats to nations, organizations, individuals, and so forth. Yet, these criminal activities are mainly outside the state apparatus. Therefore, unless clear evidence is forthcoming, it is high time for Japan to adopt skepticism.

After all, it is abundantly clear that the current American government seeks to pressurize allies – including Japan and the United Kingdom – to adopting a similar anti-China stance. However, for Japan, not only is China a potent source that benefitted past Japanese culture – but, more importantly, both belong to Northeast Asia.

Hence, Japan needs to build bridges with China – and China needs to build bridges with Japan – because both nations don’t need outside meddling that will lead to a rupture.

If Japan finds evidence of state entity involvement then – and only then – should political elites bring the matter up with whichever nation is to be blamed. Also, it should be remembered that under Obama the NSA was spying on Japan.

The BBC reported in 2015, “Wikileaks says the US was aware of Japan’s internal discussions on issues such as trade talks, climate change policy and nuclear and energy policy – as well as the contents of a confidential briefing in Prime Minister’s Shinzo Abe’s residence.”


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