Austria and political order despite Chancellor Sebastian Kurz resigning

Austria and political order despite Chancellor Sebastian Kurz resigning

Kanako Mita and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria resigned after a breach of trust was reported. Kurz denies any involvement in the alleged bribery scandal. However, the Green Party, the junior political partner of the coalition government, insisted that Kurz should resign.

The Foreign Minister of Austria, Alexander Schallenberg, will become the next Chancellor later today. President Alexander Van der Bellen will oversee the political change. Henceforth, with Schallenberg being a friend of Kurz – and picked by Kurz to replace him – political stability and continuity remain.

Lee Jay Walker says, “Indeed, the fact that Kurz picked Schallenberg, who is equally concerned about immigration, means the guiding principles of the Christian democratic and liberal-conservative political boat remains steady. This is further witnessed by the Green Party accepting Schallenberg to replace Kurz – and for this to take place immediately.”

Voice of America reports, “Kurz and his close associates are accused of trying to secure his rise to the leadership of his party and the country with the help of manipulated polls and friendly media reports, financed with public money. Kurz became the leader of his Austrian People’s Party and then chancellor in 2017.”

Van der Bellen is demanding that all politicians in positions of power must re-engage with the general public to regain confidence in the system. He said it is essential that political trust is restored over the following days and months.

Van der Bellen praised Kurz because his response to the allegations was swift. Henceforth, a quick transition is taking place to stem the possibility of political turmoil.

In 2019, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was ousted in a no-confidence vote brought on by the shenanigans of the far-right political party, the Freedom Party (FPO). 

However, Kurz survived this crisis and became the Chancellor of Austria once more. Thus, providing the allegations are proven to be false – or outside of his wrongdoing – then he will remain to be a potent politician within the body politic of Austria for many years to come.


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