China, India, and Russia voice concern about Afghanistan: Humanitarian assistance and drugs

China, India, and Russia voice concern about Afghanistan: Humanitarian assistance and drugs

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

The nations of China, India, and the Russian Federation belong to the RIC format. Hence, the three members of the RIC (Russia, India, and China) uttered concern and alarm over the situation in Afghanistan.

The crisis in Afghanistan was raised by all three members of the RIC format. Thus Sergey Lavrov (Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation), Subrahmanyam Jaishankar (Minister of External Affairs of India), and Wang Yi (Foreign Minister of China) all listened to the respective concerns of each nation.

Lavrov, in reference to more expansive areas outside of Afghanistan, said, “The RIC format remains one of the key factors of global and regional policy, recognized in ensuring security, improving the architecture of transnational relations in the Asia-Pacific region as well as promoting broad economic integration in the Eurasian space. The development of our ‘troika’ is an integral part of the process to shape a more just and democratic multipolar world order with UN coordination. In addition, it contributes to establishing such universal values as multilateralism, equality, and the rule of international law on the world arena.”

The Russian Federation perceives itself as being an honest broker between China and India. This especially applies to the border dispute between China and India, the role of China in the affairs of Pakistan, and other important areas of geopolitical concern. Therefore, the RIC and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are important bridges.

Lee Jay Walker says, “All three nations are concerned about the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan. This relates to food insecurity, health care provisions that were already limited, the brain drain, and other important areas. Hence, the nations of China, India, and the Russian Federation insist that humanitarian support is essential.”

A joint statement said, “Expressing concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, the Ministers called for immediate and unhindered humanitarian assistance to be provided to Afghanistan.”

China, India, and the Russian Federation are also worried that narcotics will spill over to nations throughout the region. Also, money generated by the drugs trade will boost terrorist activities in Afghanistan and further afield.

The joint statement concerning drugs said, “The spread of illicit drug trafficking in opiates and methamphetamine from Afghanistan and beyond… poses a serious threat to regional security and stability and provides funding for terrorist organizations.”

All three nations want the Taliban to address ethnic imbalances within the power mechanisms of Afghanistan, to allow women to participate throughout society, to protect religious minorities, and other important areas. The RIC also requests that the Taliban abide by resolutions declared by the United Nations in the hope that this overcomes the concerns of donor nations.


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