China warns America and Japan under Kishida to desist: Multilateralism (Russia)

China warns America and Japan under Kishida: Multilateralism (Russia)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of China notified the world that multilateralism and friendly ties are the way forward. However, China said it would challenge “jackals or wolves” to defend its national sovereignty, security, and internal and external development interests.

The Democratic Party is no different than the Republican Party when it comes to warmongering and pushing geopolitics and American dominance all over the world. Yet, President Joe Biden and his war machine administration are overtly confrontational – the defense budget will be $858 billion this year – and is challenging China and the Russian Federation with a hostility not seen in decades. 

Biden is utilizing internal intelligence agencies, the manipulated media, pro-Washington think tanks, and so forth to sprout endless anti-China and anti-Russian Federation propaganda. Accordingly, Biden endorsed the biggest defense budget in American history aimed at self-created adversaries.

During Biden’s State of the Union address, he once more spoke with hostility toward China.  

Biden said, “Let’s be clear: winning the competition with China should unite all of us. We face serious challenges across the world.”

Voice of America reports, “The president also promoted his administration’s policies that are increasing trade restrictions on some high-tech equipment, saying those policies are aimed at ensuring advanced technologies “are not used against us.”

William Burns, the director of the CIA, said “Competition with China is unique in its scale, and that it really, you know, unfolds over just about every domain, not just military, and ideological, but economic, technological, everything from cyberspace, to space itself as well. It’s a global competition in ways that could be even more intense than competition with the Soviets was.”

The Foreign Minister of China, Qin Gang, responded to the hostile policies of America – which are also gaining enormous traction in Japan under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Indeed, unlike other post-war leaders of Japan – the Kishida administration doubled the military budget by playing the anti-China and anti-Russian Federation card. Accordingly, the administration of Kishida condemns China and the Russian Federation during bilateral meetings and international events.

NHK reports, “Japan and the United States say they are reorganizing their defense cooperation to be more effective. This comes as Tokyo is strengthening its capability to respond to attacks, and as both countries say they want to counter China’s attempts to change the status quo.”

Andrey Rudenko, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, said, “We have taken note of the [Japanese Prime Minister Fumio] Kishida administration’s accelerated implementation of abandoning a policy of peaceful development, which has been professed for many decades, and embarking on a track of fast-tracked militarization. Among the concrete steps along these lines are the holding of large-scale military exercises near Russia’s borders together with non-regional partners, the adoption of an updated version of doctrinal documents in the field of defense and security with a view to creating an attack potential and an unprecedented increase in defense spending.”

He continued, “We consider such activity by Tokyo as a serious challenge to the security of our country and the Asia-Pacific Region as a whole. We warn that if this practice continues, we will be forced to take proportionate counter-measures in order to block military threats to Russia.”

China is also worried about Japan under Kishida concerning his militarization plans and comments concerning Taiwan. The spokesperson for the Defense Ministry of China, Tan Kefei, uttered Japan has “played up the so-called military threat” of China concerning “an ulterior motive and (this is) irresponsible.” 

A national security document by Japan said the country faced “the severest and most complicated national security environment since the end of the war.” China was deemed “the greatest strategic challenge ever to securing the peace and stability of Japan.”

The Guardian reports, “Joe Biden has said the US would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan if it came under attack from China, in an unusually forceful presidential statement in support of self-governing that drew a defiant response from Beijing.”


President Xi Jinping of China said, “Western countries led by the United States have implemented all-round containment, encirclement and suppression of China, which has brought unprecedented severe challenges to our country’s development.”

Xi continued, our nation must “have the courage to fight as the country faces profound and complex changes in both the domestic and international landscape.”

Qin said, “The U.S. claims that it seeks to out-compete China but does not seek conflict. Yet in reality, its so-called competition means to contain and suppress China in all respects, and get the two countries locked in a zero-sum game.” 

He continued, “If the U.S. does not hit the brake but continues to speed down the wrong path, no amount of guardrails could prevent derailing and there will surely be conflict and confrontation.”

Concerning Japan, Qin pointed out that China always treats Japan with friendship, respect, and goodwill.

However, noticing the endless anti-China and anti-Russian Federation angle to Kishida’s foreign policy objectives and militarization under his leadership: Qin uttered, “Yet, should some people from the Japanese side choose a beggar-thy-neighbor approach rather than pursue a partnership, and even take part in a new Cold War to contain China, bilateral relations would only suffer new wounds when the old ones are yet to be healed.”

Japan is the “divisionist dream of America” in Asia.

If Japan continues to upgrade its armed forces to the level of threat aimed at China concerning America’s intrigues involving the Taiwan issue – while being protected by America’s nuclear umbrella and American bases throughout the country: how can Japan reach out to China and the Russian Federation long after Kishida’s term in office is over?

Northeast Asian nations need to build trust instead of the “divisionist dream” of America. Even the late Shinzo Abe sought cordial relations with the Russian Federation. However, Kishida is joining the military arms race in Northeast Asia (despite the dire economic condition of Japan) concerning the containment policies of America aimed at China and the Russian Federation.

Japan should desist from being hostile to China and the Russian Federation. It isn’t in the interest of Japan to be “a convenient aircraft carrier for America.”

Mainland America is far away. Equally, the legacy of America in using two nuclear bombs against Japan and utilizing Agent Orange during the Vietnam War – while lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction to invade Iraq: entails that civilians have been butchered in East Asia, West Asia, and South Asia by a non-Asian power.

Japanese citizens should be worried about the historical record of America along with the warmongering posture of the Biden administration – and the anti-China and anti-Russian Federation policies of Japan since Kishida took office.

China supports multilateralism and solving tensions amicably. However, statements coming out of Washington and Tokyo bode ill. Accordingly, China is warning America to seek the way of mutual interests and concerns – and to solve differences: if not, China will defend itself.

The majority of statements coming out of China are aimed at America. Despite this, Japan is also being put on notice to seek the friendly path and not open confrontation by following the whims of America.

However, unless Biden alters course, it seems that Japan will follow the folly of America under Kishida.

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