Edward Snowden Weighs the Option of asylum in Germany

Edward Snowden Weighs the Option of asylum in Germany

Horace C. White

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American whistleblower Edward Snowden has once again declared his interest to accept a political asylum offer from the German authorities. He, however, warned that if he mysteriously passes away, his death is nowhere a case of suicide. In an exclusive interview, the former US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, nevertheless, doubted the possibility of Germany granting him such an offer, noting that the United States would perceive it as a breach of bilateral ties. Speaking with Germany’s Die Welt newspaper, Snowden, 36, raked the German and French authorities for their seemingly lackadaisical disposition toward his ordeal.

Snowden sheds more light

Apparently disappointed at the turnout of his whistleblowing saga, the computer guru reinstated that the information he revealed didn’t jeopardize people’s lives, wondering why he was subjected to such cruel treatment. Before now, the controversial whistleblower had unsuccessfully sought asylum in a number of countries, including Germany. Ever since Snowden leaked some documents belonging to the NSA, he has been in political exile in Russia.

The former NSA contractor also granted another exclusive interview to The Guardian to commemorate the publication of his memoir, Permanent Record. Speaking to The Guardian, Snowden argued that the world had become better today – thanks to his revelations. He stated that his disclosure would have had disastrous consequences, if he had not had the guts to spill the beans, adding that the world has become “safer and freer,” as a result of his whistleblowing debut.

Background Information

Snowden’s travails are no longer new to most ardent followers of cybersecurity news. For the benefit of those who don’t know one of the world’s most popular whistleblower, Snowden is an American computer security consultant who came to the media spotlight in 2013 when he divulged highly classified information belonging to the American secret agency, NSA. Much as the whistleblower said that he did it for the right reason, the NSA declared him an enemy of the state for exposing its top-secret documents.

More Details

Ever since he divulged the information, Snowden has become one of the most wanted people in the United States. Hence, Snowden faces jail time in the U.S. because the Department of Justice (DoJ) has already slammed two count charges on him for violating the Espionage Act of 1917. The computer nerd, who would rarely discuss his private life, in 2017 got married to Lindsay Mills, a lady he describes as the love of my life. The wedding, which took place in Moscow, was top-secret. The NSA hired Snowden given that he had stints at the CIA. However, he would abandon his job at the NSA to fly to Hong Kong, where he divulged the content of important documents.

Content of the classified files

The content of the confidential documents described how the U.S. government is increasingly expanding its information-gathering capabilities around the world. During the interview, Snowden told The Guardian that the U.S. authorities are secretly collaborating with tech giants in order to build a robust database that will maintain the dossier on every human being living on planet Earth – in likeness to China’s SkyNet system.

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