G7 Leaders Talk War and Not Peace in Hiroshima: Kishida Isolating Japan

G7 Leaders Talk War and Not Peace in Hiroshima: Kishida Isolating Japan

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Nuclear bombs by America were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Vast numbers of children, the elderly, and ordinary citizens of all ages would perish and die quickly – others who survived would develop cancer.

America would return to Asia and utilize Agent Orange against Vietnam. Naturally, being America, they also dropped Agent Orange on Cambodia and Laos (neither nation was at war). In more recent times, from supporting right-wing death squads via Operation Condor in South America that killed vast numbers – including torture chambers in several nations – to destabilizing Iraq based on lies concerning Weapons of Mass Destruction and then leaving Libya a failed state where Arabs now brand black Africans on the face.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida – the most anti-China and anti-Russia leader since the post-World War Two period – is now sullying Hiroshima by allowing war-mongering during the G7. Hence, even while “the manipulated images” showed G7 leaders bowing concerning the legacy of the evil deeds of America in Hiroshima, another major military support budget was announced by President Joe Biden aimed at killing Russians. This concerns the crisis in Ukraine and the indigenous Russian regions of the Donbass – which were bombed by Ukraine well before the current conflict broke out.

The former leader Shinzo Abe (brutally assassinated in Japan because of little security protection) proportioned blame on Ukraine. Accordingly, when Crimea reverted to the Russian Federation (the Soviet Union handed it to Ukraine despite this area being mainly Russian), Abe maintained positive relations with the Russian Federation.

For Japan to allow the G7 meeting to focus on anti-China and anti-Russian Federation policies aimed at containment (China) and war (Russia) in the environs of Hiroshima is shameful. Kishida is sullying the civilians who died in Hiroshima at the hands of America by now supporting the same nation in another war.

America alone – not including the role of the United Kingdom and members of the European Union – has delivered just shy of $36 billion worth of military assistance to Ukraine. A fresh military package was being planned and then announced while Biden and the G7 leaders met in Hiroshima – this is shameful for Japan. It also signifies what Kishida thinks about Hiroshima and its link with peace.

Unlike other G7 nations, Japan belongs to Northeast Asia. Accordingly, China and the Russian Federation are neighbors – and we all know that a future South Korean leader will turn against Japan because of the historical legacy.

Hence, Kishida seeks non-Asian powers to police the region – while also involving Japan in the Taiwan Question (China deems this an internal issue) to a higher degree. This is based on Biden sending vast military arms to Taiwan. Therefore, unlike the administrations of other past leaders of this nation, Japan is now involving itself in hostile policies aimed at two regional powers (China and the Russian Federation) by following the diktats of America.

Kishida shames himself for allowing G7 nations to focus on war and containment in Hiroshima. After all, people visit Hiroshima and pay respect concerning the nuclear attack by America and the barbarity of war.

Yet, Kishida – and other G7 leaders based on the military whims of America and the United Kingdom, even utilized Hiroshima to signify war and containment of two neighboring nations of Japan.

The G7 meeting sullied the memory of Hiroshima and signaled a growing anti-China and anti-Russia tone.

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