Germany to Silence Diverse Opinions by Holding Social Media to Ransom: Merkel, GDR, and Sharia

Germany to Silence Diverse Opinions by Holding Social Media to Ransom: Merkel, GDR, and Sharia

Helmut Joachim Schmidt, Amina Qamar, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The mirror of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) is becoming a new politically correct reality under Chancellor Merkel of Germany. In other words, the manipulation of the media, not focusing on sensitive areas that may highlight non-German race crimes, crushing the freedom of individuals who oppose mass immigration, and other important areas, will now find boundless freedoms crushed by a so-called democratic state. Hence, social media companies will face hefty economic fines if they don’t comply with “a spying state.”

It waits to be seen, for example, if Germany will prevent individuals from espousing Sharia Islamic law. If not, then something is clearly amiss. After all, under Merkel, she believes that wealthy Gulf nations and Iran should get a free ride when it comes to mass Muslim immigration. After all, she opened up Germany to all and sundry without thinking about any negative consequences – from terrorism, destabilizing social cohesion, crime, rape attacks, and mass sexual crimes by migrants against women in Germany that have occurred.

Therefore, with Salafi Islam growing in Germany and some mosques espousing Sharia Islamic law, then why is this tolerated? After all, Sharia Islamic law supports killing apostates, stoning women to death for adultery, believes in killing homosexuals, espouses that women and non-Muslims are unequal in law to Muslim men, and other negative realities. Given this reality, if nationalists become victimized by an increasingly draconian German state, but people supporting Sharia Islamic law get away scot-free, then obviously the new legal framework is aimed at protecting a religious legal system that openly supports hate towards “the other.”

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times, it was stated, German people who just seek a society based on preserving the dominant culture is being ignored by so-called elites who have a multicultural, multi-religious, and cheap labor agenda. Of course, in the eyes of Merkel and the politically correct media, normal Germans who don’t follow the party line are deemed racist and xenophobic. Therefore, the terminology of the “far right” is used at all occasions in order to crush genuine debate and to engineer a new Germany based on the ashes of indigenous culture.”

It is increasingly clear that social media is providing a voice internationally based on an array of issues. Of course, some issues will be deemed negative but the idea of social media is based on freedom. Yes, certain limitations are required to protect people from violence, for example, if groups or individuals entice people to terrorism, to kill or maim innocent individuals based on ethnicity or religion, gender hatred aimed at the LGBT community, and so forth. However, new laws in Germany are erroneously more draconian and is aimed at protecting the politically correct agenda. After all, some areas that espouse hatred have been free to incite and indoctrinate – hence, many Sunni Islamist Takfiris from Germany have gone to Syria to kill Alawites, Christians, and Shia Muslims. Therefore, hefty economic fines on social media companies including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, are all aimed at installing the politically correct agenda – while tolerating the most intolerable beliefs based on Sunni Salafi Takfiri Islam that equally hates non-Muslims and Shia Muslims alike.

The New York Times says, Technology companies and free speech advocates argue that there is a fine line between policy makers’ views on hate speech and what is considered legitimate freedom of expression, and social networks say they do not want to be forced to censor those who use their services. Silicon Valley companies also deny that they are failing to meet countries’ demands to remove suspected hate speech online.”

In an earlier article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated, “Merkel, the state apparatus, and a largely compliant elite media campaign are working hand-in-hand with manipulating facts on the ground, while also deeming all opponents of mass migration with being far-right, racist, narrow-minded bigots and so forth. Not content with this, the new Merkel GDR mirror is now allowing intelligence agencies to spy on German nationals if they happen to be deemed politically suspicious. In other words, so-called democratic Germany that tolerates radical Salafists spreading hatred is now intent on intimidating individuals who happen to oppose the Merkel mass migration diktat.”

If the far-right, far-left, and individuals that propagate Sharia Islamic law aren’t tackled equally, then clearly a new GDR mirror based on the politically correct agenda of Merkel – and other political elites – is being tolerated. Equally alarming, this is based on targeting certain groups and individuals who don’t support the mass immigration political diktat. At the same time, the dangerous religious dogma of Sunni Takfiri Islamism is escaping the same scrutiny – this dogma hates non-Muslims, the Shia, Alawites, Alevis, and others, in equal measure.

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