Homosexual Raped and Brutally Murdered in Turkey: PC Liberal Betrayal of Real Refugees

Homosexual Raped and Brutally Murdered in Turkey: PC Liberal Betrayal of Real Refugees

Nuray Lydia Oglu, Noriko Watanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Chancellor Merkel of Germany is creating a great deal of pain internally for indigenous Germans, and externally for genuine refugees who can’t compete based on economics, mass Sunni Muslim migration (over 40 majority Sunni Muslim nations in the world), a capitalist paradise of endless cheap labor, and a politically correct agenda that Germany is open. This reality means that genuine refugees, with no regional majority nation to flee to, and individuals facing death or prison based on gender factors or religious conversion, have to compete on an unfair level playing field. Therefore, the most vulnerable, like Muhammed Wisam Sankari, are being betrayed because of the politically correct who are endangering indigenous European groups and betraying real refugees.

Muhammed Wisam Sankari was a refugee living in modern day Turkey who feared for his life because of his sexuality. In the eyes of his tormentors and killers – and in a nation where gender persecution and religious persecution is a reality (applies to Alevi persecution and converts to Christianity) – then he deserved only death.

The Hurriyet Daily says, His body was so mutilated, he was only recognizable from his clothes, one of his friends who went to identify the body, said the rights organization.”

Apparently, Muhammed Wisam Sankari had fled to Turkey because of war in his homeland. Yet he found no solace in this land because of anti-homosexual attacks in this country. Indeed, according to his friends, he had been raped five months earlier. Therefore, this innocent individual who had only wanted to be free and get on with his life was brutally murdered and this applies to mutilation and being decapitated.

The BBC says, “Assaults on LGBT people in Turkey have mostly been blamed on ultra-conservative Muslims and an ultra-nationalist youth group, the Alperen Hearths.”

Turning to mass immigration in Europe then political correct liberals are equally undermining indigenous cultures and betraying genuine refugees who need help. Therefore, Muhammed Wisam Sankari, and countless others are falling through the political correct net.

After all, it is abundantly clear that certain religious minorities, converts, LGBT, and others, need priority. For example, Christians in the Middle East and North Africa have no regional majority nation to flee too, the Yazidis have no nation state, Shabaks have no nation state, Kurds (mainly Sunni) have no nation state – and others including Alawites, Ahmadiyya, Pakistan Christians, and so forth, have no second nation regionally to flee to where they have equal rights. Therefore, all these ethnic and religious groups – and others – need to be given priority.

Instead, mainly Sunni Muslims and black African Christians that have countless regional nations to move to are flooding parts of Europe. If Sunni Muslims or black African Christians fleeing are religious converts to another faith, have political reasons, face gender-related issues, ethnic hatred, then clearly they equally need priority. Similarly, like already mentioned the mainly Sunni Kurds face regional persecution and have no nation state. However, how can Sunni Muslims from North Africans and Pakistan, for example, be given priority?

After all, in Pakistan, it is clear that the Ahmadiyya, Christians, and Shia, suffer persecution based on either (or both) institutional discrimination or sectarian persecution. Yet, in the United Kingdom, the vast majority of Pakistan nationals that moved to this nation are Sunni Muslims. Likewise, how can Sunni Muslims be more predominant in gaining asylum in Europe when comparison to the mass persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt? On top of this, Sunni Muslims in North Africa have many regional nations to flee too unlike Coptic Christians.

In truth, the entire system is a nightmare and is being abused openly based on the agenda of liberal political elites and a system that is unjust. Would anyone claim that the Jews, Gypsies, and Orthodox Christian Serbs, didn’t need priority in the late 1930s to mid-1940s given the fanaticism of fascism in Europe? Then surely certain groups including Middle East Christians, the Alawites, Ahmadiyya, mainly Sunni Kurds, Shabaks, Yazidis – and people of gender or converts – must be given priority.

It is clearly impossible to prioritize the entire planet, therefore, where refugees and economic migrants have certain cultural and religious similarities, then clearly they don’t need priority. Equally, the poorest and most vulnerable need greater support at the expense of more wealthy economic migrants that are not fleeing persecution.

Turning back to Muhammed Wisam Sankari, then he was abandoned based on a system that is chaotic and that is failing many people who are extremely vulnerable. Merkel of Germany was extremely irresponsible by her actions because obviously her opening up wasn’t based on focusing on the most vulnerable. Instead, Merkel and others are creating greater internal tensions by taking in individuals that aren’t fleeing – or taking in mainly individuals from the majority religious community that have countless fellow faith-based societies in all directions. Therefore, religious and ethnic minorities that need priority – just like Muhammed Wisam Sankari who was persecuted based on his sexuality – are being betrayed and abandoned.

Issues related to cultural conformity and shared values are equally being usurped based on Merkel’s Sunni Muslim replacement theory and a capitalist paradise of endless cheap labor. Given this reality, vacuums are being opened in nations like Belgium, France, Germany, and Sweden. The end result will be growing indigenous hatred towards genuine refugees who need somewhere to escape persecution. Sadly, Muhammed Wisam Sankari and countless others are being betrayed, while growing divisions are emerging in certain European nations.




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