Italy Covid-19 deaths mount: Christmas and New Year restrictions

Italy Covid-19 deaths mount: Christmas and New Year restrictions

Kanako Mita and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times

The coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis in Italy was extremely serious during the early period. Hence, with deaths mounting once more in Italy – and other European nations – the central government will tighten restrictions over the holiday period. Therefore, the Christmas and New Year period will be very solemn and strange this year.

Indeed, in recent days, daily death tolls have reached 814 and 993 in Italy. Thus this nation and other European countries are grappling once more with the menace of coronavirus.

In Europe, the current death tolls are the United Kingdom 60,617, Italy 58, 852, France 54,767, Spain 46,252, and Russia 42,176. However, on official death certificates in the United Kingdom, the figure is over 75,000 people. Therefore, with the crisis hitting other European nations equally hard – for example, Poland and Romania escaped the worst during the first wave – then Italy is seeking to stem the crisis once more.

Giuseppe Conte, the Prime Minister of Italy, uttered, “We must eliminate the risk of a third wave which could arrive in January – and not less serious than the first and the second.”

The BBC reports, “On top of the regional travel bans, people will not be allowed to leave their home towns on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.”

Hence, the travel ban between regions, opening times of restaurants, and other measures will be implemented throughout the country between December 21 and January 6. Of course, some regional governments are not impressed by the lack of consultation and how this will affect citizens.

However, according to Conte, then Italy is in the grip of a new surge in deaths and infections. Thus if measures aren’t taken, then mounting deaths will occur over a longer period. World coronavirus statistics


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