Japan and China Taking Steps to Hold Security Talks (America and Russia)

Japan and China Taking Steps to Hold Security Talks (America and Russia)

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nations of Japan and China are hoping to hold future security talks. This comes after tensions increased since Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan took office (tensions existed before Kishida took power).

Japan followed America – and the European Union and other G7 nations – in a strong anti-Russian Federation stance concerning the conflict between Ukraine and Russian indigenous forces in the Donbass region (supported by the Russian Federation).

Japan also followed America’s stance against China. This concerns the South China Sea, Taiwan, technology, territorial disputes, and other areas of tension. However, Japan is now sensing a political change in America (America and China face economic headwinds)

Also, the failure of the European Union and G7 nations to stem the Russian Federation economically and militarily entails a wake-up call in Japan. Accordingly, the weakening of America’s overt challenge to China and the Russian Federation in recent months – means Japan needs a more diplomatic approach with Beijing and Moscow.

In South Korea, Yoko Kamikawa (Foreign Minister of Japan) and Wang Yi (China Minister of Foreign Affairs) met to discuss future talks related to geopolitics and security.

Kamikawa told reporters, “We confirmed that we are seeking further close communication on a variety of issues … and we are hoping to hold security talks in the near future.”

Reuters reports, “China’s President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida met on the sidelines of an international conference in the United States on Nov. 17, where they agreed to pursue mutually beneficial relations.”

The Foreign Ministry of China said mutual understanding was needed. Henceforth, the stance of China is that both nations must convey that they “do not pose a threat to one another.”

Also, China and Japan must respect “each other’s legitimate concerns.”

America and China are squandering vast economic resources on the military angle despite poverty at home and mounting debt problems.

The wider international community also doesn’t need to be caught up in the geopolitical games of America and China – which is detrimental to the international community.

It is hoped that America, China, Japan, and the Russian Federation can reset relations that boost the global economy – while solving geopolitical differences based on discussion and not confrontation.

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