Japan cements military ties with Australia and the trilateral approach with America

Japan cements military ties with Australia and the trilateral approach with America

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The governments of Japan and Australia respectively are strengthening military and geopolitical ties. Hence, the latest first-ever joint air combat exercise between both nations is following on from the growing role that Japan took in the biennial Talisman Sabre military maneuvers earlier this year in Australia.

During the biennial Talisman Sabre military exercises, the nation of Japan participated by using military warships and amphibious army personnel. The increasing participation of Japan was especially welcomed by Australia and America because not only was it groundbreaking for this biennial event but also it further strengthens the shared geopolitical outlook of all three nations. This applies to the Asia-Pacific region and the growing rise of China and other important issues. Therefore, the trilateral approach of America, Australia, and Japan are continuing to blossom in the geopolitical and military realm.

Defense News reported in June, This will be Japan’s third and largest-ever participation at the Talisman Sabre exercises. The country previously sent small contingents of 40 and 50 troops to the exercise in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Talisman Sabre is major war-fighting exercise that includes amphibious, airborne and naval combat operations primarily made up of Australian and U.S. military forces.”

Following on from the military exercises that took place in Australia earlier this year, the nations of Japan and Australia have further expanded to the area of joint air combat military exercises. Taro Kono, the Japanese Defense Minister, praised the joint air drills because of the bilateral and trilateral nature of recent developments that includes America.

Kono stated, Strengthening cooperation between Japan and Australia through exercises will lead to peace in the region.”

Overall, it is clear that America, Australia, and Japan have vested interests in strengthening military ties based on the geopolitical concerns of all three nations that exist in the Asia Pacific region. Of course, each nation will have certain special interests that exist closer to home – for example, Australia is especially focused on the West Pacific region. However, all nations have overlapping concerns in relation to preserving open sea-lanes and checking the geopolitical and military ambitions of China.


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