Japan Declines Further in Cited Scientific Papers: Overtaken by Iran

Japan Declines Further in Cited Scientific Papers: Overtaken by Iran

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

Japan continues to slide in the rankings of most-cited scientific papers despite lofty statements by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

In the year 2000, Japan was ranked second internationally behind America. However, by 2023, Japan is now ranked 13th – a record low for Japan.

Lee Jay Walker says, “Iran is the latest nation – following Spain and South Korea in recent years – to overtake Japan. It is symptomatic of the malaise of modern Japan under the ruling LDP. Accordingly, from the role of women in society to low minimum wages, the ranking of Japan is far from a G7 nation.”

Irrespective of the opinion of the international community toward the Islamic Republic of Iran – in the scientific area and education, this nation is progressing.

The Asahi Shimbun reports, “Despite a government goal of becoming a global leader in science and technology, Japan actually slid one place to a record low 13th in most-cited scientific papers in the latest ranking.” 

However, some progress in Japan in recent years has been made – but at a slower rate than other nations that have progressed further. This relates to the most-cited scientific papers being made.

Iran notably does well concerning thermodynamics and energy. Also, despite negative political relations between America and Iran, the number of Iranian graduates studying science and engineering in the international league is ranked fourth among educational institutions in America.

Overall, the top nations ranking in the top ten of the most-cited scientific papers are China (1st), America (2nd), United Kingdom (3rd), and Germany (4th) – down to South Korea (10th), Spain (11th), Iran (12th), and Japan (13th).


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