Japan in anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric in America: International law?

Japan in anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric in America: International law?

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Once more, Japan is spreading anti-China and anti-Russian Federation rhetoric that augurs negatively for Northeast Asia. Selective memory is the order of the day within the Foreign Ministry of Japan – with Japan forgetful of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, taking Kosovo away from Serbia, Operation Condor, Agent Orange on Vietnam, and countless wars instigated or supported via proxies since World War Two ended. Therefore, what international law is Japan alluding to?

Yoshimasa Hayashi, the Foreign Minister of Japan, is following the endless nationalist rhetoric of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who is pro-America to an extreme. The former leader Shinzo Abe, who was recently murdered in cold blood, maintained cordial relations with the Russian Federation. This relationship remained positive even after the people of Crimea declared their intent to join the Russian Federation (the Soviet Union took traditional Russian lands away and gave them to Ukraine during the Communist period).

In a veiled threat to the Russian Federation, Hayashi stated in America, “Russia’s aggression needs to go down in history as a clear failure, otherwise it is inevitable that other countries will follow Russia and attempt to change the status quo by force.”

In other words, Japan is encouraging America and NATO powers to assist Ukraine militarily and to enforce sanctions to weaken the Russian Federation. Of course – the selective memory loss of America and Japan knows no boundaries under Kishida and the administration of President Joe Biden (Biden was an important member of the Barack Obama administration that bombed Libya, supplied vast military arms to Saudi Arabia to assist in the bombing of Yemen, and who supported various proxies against the government of Syria).

Hayashi warned that the “logic of brute force” is growing in traction concerning the Indo-Pacific. Ironically, Indonesia – an ally of America and Japan – took East Timor (now independent) and West Papua by brute force. In West Papua, systematic persecution by Indonesia continues. Of course, America and Japan aren’t concerned about this – or other nations. For example, NATO Turkey continues to occupy North Cyprus and parts of Northern Syria. Therefore, more selective memory by Japan – after all, the Kishida administration is overtly anti-China and anti-Russian Federation.

Hayashi said, “We must never accept unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force, no matter where in the world. We must work to make the international circle of this consensus larger and more resilient.”

Once more, Hayashi ignores countless wars started by America throughout Asia – from Afghanistan to Iraq to Vietnam. Also, is Japan demanding Indonesia to leave West Papua? Is Japan demanding Turkey leave North Cyprus and North Syria? Is Japan demanding the Saudi Arabia alliance to leave Yemen?

Of course not! Hence his words – similar to America and the United Kingdom and their endless wars – are mere anti-China and anti-Russian Federation rhetoric aimed at militarization in Japan and appeasing nationalists within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Hayashi said, “Ongoing unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force or coercion in the East and South China seas” is gaining traction. Obviously, this is aimed at China. He also said that the China-Taiwan issue was of “extreme importance.” Therefore, Hayashi implies that America and Japan should involve themselves in what China deems an internal affair concerning Taiwan.

Reuters reports, “He also said it was crucial that the credibility of US deterrence be strengthened — a reference to the US nuclear weapons umbrella that protects allies including Japan — while calling on China, which he said was “rapidly building up its nuclear force in an opaque manner,” to take part in efforts to reduce nuclear risk.”

In Northeast Asia, the only nation that seeks to bring in more non-regional military powers is Japan – yes, the new Cold War is being encouraged by the Kishida administration. Thus, the words of Hayashi are welcomed by America and the United Kingdom – and other NATO powers – that seek an expanded containment policy aimed at China and the Russian Federation.

China and the Russian Federation aren’t visiting nations on other continents to spread the new Cold War. This rhetoric is being used by America, Japan, and the United Kingdom – while the European Union is utilizing the “us” and “them” related to the Russian Federation.


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